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Radiation Safety Committee

Occupational Safety and Health Council Membership

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is mandated as a condition of the federal and state licenses for the use of radioactive materials and radiation generating devices on the North Carolina State University campus and its extension sites. The committee's primary responsibility is to ensure that the use of radioactive materials and/or radiation-generating devices, including the PULSTAR Nuclear Reactor, are conducted in the safest possible manner with the minimum effect on all members of the University community and the general public.

The Committee provides oversight of the policies, procedures and responsibilities of the University Radiation Safety Programs, which functions through the Radiation Safety staff of Environmental Health and Safety. Specifically, it is responsible for final approval of all uses of radioactive materials/devices, for oversight of user conduct, for reviewing amendments to the NC State’s Radiation Licenses and Registrations, for final review of the actions of the Reactor Safety and Audit Committee (RSAC). In addition, this Committee advises the Director of Environmental Health and Public Safety on all matters relating to radiation.

In order to fulfill its duties to the University, the Committee reviews the operations and performance of the Radiation Safety Programs on an annual basis during at least three meetings per academic year.

Members are appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance and the Provost, based on recommendations from the Radiation Safety Committee Chair, Committee members and the Radiation Safety Officer. The Committee is comprised of faculty members of the various colleges and components of the University, who have a working knowledge of radiation safety practices, are actively engaged in teaching and/or research endeavors or are involved in University related matters involving radiation use. Additional representation from other University areas includes the College of Veterinary Medicine Radiology and Facility Operations. Permanent, ex-officio Committee members include the Radiation Safety Officer, a staff member of the Radiation Safety staff, the Director of Environmental Health and Public Safety, the PULSTAR Reactor Health Physicist and a member of the Nuclear Reactor Program and/or the chair of RSAC. One of the general faculty members shall be elected Vice Chair of the Committee and will ascend to the position of Chair upon completion of the current Chair’s term.

Copies of the minutes will be available for review by interested parties and official copies will be maintained by the Radiation Safety Office.