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Reactor Safeguards Advisory Committee

Occupational Safety and Health Council Membership

The Reactor Safeguards Advisory Committee (RSAC) shall consist of at least five persons who have expertise in one or more of the component areas of nuclear reactor safety. These include Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear Physics, Health Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Material Engineering, Radiochemistry, and Nuclear Regulatory Affairs. At least three of the members are appointed from the general faculty. These faculty members shall be constituted as follows: Director of the Nuclear Reactor Program shall serve as a permanent member, one member from an appropriate discipline within the College of Engineering, and one member from the general faculty. Appointments are for three years. The remaining RSAC members are the Reactor Health Physicist and a member from the Radiation Safety staff of the Environmental Health and Safety Center who serve as permanent members. An additional member may represent an outside nuclear related agency. At the discretion of RSAC, specialist from other universities and outside establishments may be invited to assist in its appraisals. Appointments to the committee are made by the University through the office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business and the Provost. Responsibilities of the RSAC include the following:

a. Determinations that proposed changes in equipment, systems, test, experiments, or procedures which have safety significance do not involve an unreviewed safety question.

b. All new procedures and major revisions thereto having safety significance, proposed changes in reactor facility equipment, or systems having safety significance.

c. All new experiments or classes of experiments that could affect reactivity or result in the release of radioactivity.

d. Proposed changes to the Technical Specifications or facility license.

e. Violations of technical specifications or license. Violations of internal procedures or instructions having safety significance.

f. Operating abnormalities having safety significance.

g. Reportable Events (as per technical specification definition 1.22).

h. Audit reports.

Additionally, an annual audit shall be performed and consist of selective, but comprehensive, examination of operating records, logs, and other documents. Discussions with cognizant personnel and observation of operations shall also be used as appropriate. The RSAC, under the authority of the RSC, shall be responsible for this audit function. This audit shall include:

Facility operations for conformance to the technical specifications and license, annually, but at intervals not to exceed fifteen months.