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Shipping Papers

2011 Hazardous Material Shipping rule update


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Shipping Papers

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Biological Materials Shipping Certification

Shipping papers are required to accompany all non-exempt hazardous material shipments.  Shipping papers describe the contents of the shipment, communicate the hazards associated with the contents, and provide emergency response information.  The person responsible for classifying and packaging the hazardous material should also complete all shipping papers associated with the shipment. 

Couriers prefer for shippers to complete the version of shipping papers found on their websites.  Three copies should be provided to the courier while shippers should retain an additional copy for 375 days. 

Instructions for completing shipping papers can be found here

Emergency Response Information

Shippers must provide emergency response information to the courier in case of an accidental material release or incident involving the vehicle transporting the material.  An emergency contact phone number is required on all shipping papers.  This number must be manned 24 hours a day by someone with access to all applicable MSDS and knowledgeable of the materials shipped.  A pager, lab, or office phone number should never be given to satisfy this legal requirement.  Chemtrec is currently under contract as the University’s emergency contact phone number on all shipping papers.  All hazardous material shipping papers should have 1-800-424-9300 as an emergency response phone number.  (Infectious substance shippers must also include their personal emergency response phone number in conjunction with Chemtrec.)

Other requirements must be met to satisfy shipping regulations: