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Center of Excellence for Electrical Safety

The purpose of this website is to provide members of the Electrical Safety Community resources on electrical safety, including standards, references, best practices, events, issues, training materials, lessons learned, and more. By creating a centralized location for electrical safety resources we hope to promote communication, collaboration, and improvement in electrical safety. Our goal is to provide centralized resources on electrical safety for the DOE complex.

DOE Fundamentals Handbook Electrical Science

The Department of Energy Fundamentals Handbook entitled Electrical Science was prepared as an information resource for personnel who are responsible for the operation of the Department's nuclear facilities. A basic understanding of electricity and electrical systems is necessary for DOE nuclear facility operators, maintenance personnel, and the technical staff to safely operate and maintain the facility and facility support systems. The information in the handbook is presented to provide a foundation for applying engineering concepts to the job. This knowledge will help personnel more fully understand the impact that their actions may have on the safe and reliable operation of facility components and systems.

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National Electrical Codes (NEC)

NFPA Standards Site Includes:
NFPA 70 (NEC) and NFPA 70E
Access to codes will require a membership license fee.

Electrical Code Question of the Day

NECA - National Electrical Installation Standards

OSHA - Misuse of Digital Multimeters

OSHA - Electrical Protective Devices

OSHA - Lockout Tagout Standard Interpretations Referencing 1910.147

OSHA - Personal Protective Equipment

Electrical Safety Foundation International


Preventing Worker Deaths from Uncontrolled Release of Electrical, Mechanical, and Other Types of Hazardous Energy