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Campus Security

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Red Cross

Humane Society

ADA-Disability Emergency Preparedness Information


Alerts & Advisories

Crime Alerts -Active
Wolf Alert -None
Homeland Security alert level -Yellow

Wolf Alert

Register for Wolf Alert text messaging via NC State MyPack Portal

Glossary of Wolf Alert tools


Emergency Orientation

Safety and security overview information.

Safety Orientation




Emergency Awareness

Important information that is useful
prior to emergencies

Emergency Procedures

Emergency Plans

Evacuation Plans

Concerned Behavior Information

Campus Police

Campus References

Emergency Communication

Key to awareness is good communication.

Emergency Phone Numbers
9-1-1 Campus emergencies

Tell the dispatcher: "This is an emergency",
followed by the below information:

  • The nature of the emergency
  • Your name
  • The phone number from which you are calling
  • Your location

Wolf Alert emergency communications

Adverse weather & emergency conditions hotline (919) 513-8888
Safety Hotline (919) 515-5445
Environmental Health & Safety Center (919) 515-7915
Campus Police non-emergency (919) 515-3000
Facilities Operations (Service Center) (919) 515-2991
Student Health Services (919) 515-2563
Counseling Center (919) 515-2923
Women's Center (919) 515-2012
Safety Escort Service (919) 515-3000