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North Carolina State University (NC State or the University) believes that managing its environmental resources merits the highest priority in the conduct of all its operations.  NC State will conduct its operations and construct its facilities in a manner to protect the environment, conserve resources, and minimize waste.  In keeping with this policy, NC State will take specific account of environmental consequences in the design and location of its facilities and address all concerns regarding such impacts.
The goals of the Stormwater Management Program are:

  • To the protect health and safety of the environment, the campus population, and the general public;
  • To address both stormwater quality and stormwater quantity concerns; and
  • To meet or exceed Federal and State requirements regarding stormwater.

The cornerstone of compliance is that each University unit understands what is required and takes responsibility for fulfilling those requirements.  Although Environmental Affairs is designated as the lead organization for developing and managing NC State environmental compliance programs, other University organizations and outside contractors are involved with implementation.  The Environmental Affairs Office works to ensure that responsible individuals understand their role in environmental compliance at NC State and provides technical support achieving the University's goals. 

Under current federal, state and university regulations, it is necessary for all proposed projects to obtain various permits and approvals prior to beginning any land disturbing activities.  The Environmental Affairs Office, a division of the Environmental Health and Public Safety Center uses these regulations, permits and approvals to ensure that proper standards are incorporated in the design and construction of all University development projects and to monitor compliance throughout the development process.

The Environmental Affairs Office provides leadership for the University’s stormwater program. Staff members are available to provide the following:

  • Necessary support and assistance for the development of organization‑specific plans and procedures which implement specific provisions of permit or plan-associated requirements held by the organization;
  • Training necessary for employees to ensure that they can effectively perform their job functions as it relates to environmental compliance or management;
  • Informational materials that describe the University environmental program;
  • Compliance‑related reviews of various activities to ensure proper implementation of the organization environmental management plan; and
  • Technical expertise for the evaluation or resolution of environmental issues.

The primary components of the Stormwater Management Program include:

  • Stormwater and Nutrient Management
  • Sediment and Erosion Control
  • Education, Outreach and Public Involvement
  • Stormwater Discharge and Water Quality Monitoring
  • Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination
  • Post Construction Stormwater Management
  • Polution Prevention and Good Housekeeping

Additional information about each of the components listed above can be found in the menu bar to the left.

Staff Members:

Karen Trimberger Program Manager
Storm water Management

Jeanette Powell - Environmental Affairs Coordinator - 515-6861