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Safety Hotline

If you have come to this site to report an item or issue anywhere on campus that requires IMMEDIATE attention or is a Campus Emergency…

  • Emergency – Dial 911

For a campus emergency, you will need to dial 911 to reach the Campus Police Communications Officer. This person will immediately contact the appropriate party whether it is response to: crime, fire, medical emergency, spill, gas leak, odor, immediate serious hazard for trip or fall, and other items requiring immediate attention. Do not contact the Safety Hotline to report emergencies.

  • If you want to report a safety condition within your building that requires attention to correct a less immediate safety concern, please contact your Building Liaison who will submit a work order to the Facilities Operations Department.

  • If you want to report a safety condition outside of your building that requires attention to correct a less immediate safety concern, you can contact the Facilities Operations Work Center at 919-515-2991.

  • If you want to report something that is
    • not an emergency,
    • you are not sure who to contact,
    • want to remain anonymous, or
    • for any other reason you may wish to
      contact the NCSU Safety Hotline.

Safety Hotline Number   919-515-5445

Email: Safety Hotline

Faculty, staff, and students can report any safety concerns, complaints, suggestions or comments on safety issues via phone (919-515-5445) or fax (919-513-2690).

You can call at any time, 24 hours a day. If you don’t connect immediately, please leave a message on the hotline answering machine. Callers may remain anonymous. All concerns and complaints will be evaluated and results of action taken communicated back to interested parties. 

If you have a question or concern and wish to bypass the Safety Hotline and directly contact the person in EH&S responsible for a particular subject area, please check the index of services from the EH&SC web site

For additional assistance, call Safety Officer at 513-0988 or send an E-mail to Ron Howell

Please remember that the Hotline does not replace current methods for reporting emergencies. Continue to call Public Safety at 911. Crime Alert information: Crime Alerts.