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Safety Orientation Checklist-Working Safely with Engineered Nanostructures

Working Safely with Engineered Nanomaterials

OSHA Fact Sheet for Working Safely with Nanomaterials

The following steps should be reviewed by any person who is provided with engineered nanomaterials.

These steps serve to achieve basic hazard awareness training for those working with engineered nanomaterials.  Please consult your principal investigator or Environmental Health and Safety for additional information.

Step 1 -  Review on-line safety awareness presentation “Employee Communication” 

Step 2 -  Review NC State University Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Working Safely with Engineered Nanomaterials

Step3 -  Agree to print this page and provide it to anyone to whom you transfer engineered nanomaterials so that they can follow these same steps and achieve hazard awareness level training.

Step 4 -  For additional details on safety information and additional information regarding nanomaterials research at NC State see

NOTE:  Some opportunities exist for research funding for characterization of materials and processes involving engineered nanostructures.  See the referenced safety websites for further information.

Step 5 -  Be sure that work with engineered nanostructures is indicated in the “target chemical list” section of your safety plan

Step 6 -  Contact NC State Environmental Health and Safety for any questions.