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TO:  Principal Investigators

FROM:  David Rainer, Associate Vice Chancellor
               Environmental Health and Public Safety

SUBJECT:  Safety Plan Development

The benefits of the North Carolina State University Safety Plan process are many. However, the two primary ones are to assure Environmental Health & Safety receives accurate and timely inventory data for mandatory environmental reporting and better information about potential laboratory hazards.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) handbook, Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories, is intended to be the foundation of each safety plan. Each employee must read and understand all of the elements of the pamphlet. Please note that where the word 'should' is used in the pamphlet, the University treats it as 'will.' The ACS handbook will be supplemented by material provided by principal investigators about specific chemicals and hazards in a laboratory.

Prepare the plan according to the online Safety Plan Database requirements ( ). The plan forms the basis for determining the type of safety training given to each person who works in the laboratory and should serve to identify and educate lab occupants about laboratory hazards unique to their work area. Additionally, the form will highlight where especially hazardous processes and materials are used so EH&S may conduct comprehensive process safety reviews.

When your safety plan is ready for review, Environmental Health and Safety will verify material content and verify completeness. All reviewed and approved safety plans will be accessible via the Safety Webpage and are required to be updated annually or as needed for changing items.

Your time and attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please contact Mahdi Fahim (5-1282) at your convenience.