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Safety Plan - Attachments

Some information which must be maintained in the safety plan cannot be included in the process section.  The Attachments section allows the inclusion of  " .GIF, .JPG, XLS"  image files into the safety plan. These may consist of  evacuation drawings, Chemical Inventory, or similar information which can be scanned into a computer file and do not "fit" well as a text document.  If you need assistance in scanning in documents or making image files contact Tony Armisto at 515-5211


To view a current attachment select the attachment name from the "ATTACHMENT" main page.

You may click on the attachment window for a full size view of the file or it will open using the software located on your system.  You may edit information about this attachment by selecting "--EDIT PAGE--"

To edit an existing document select the document to modify, then select "--EDIT PAGE--"  select the section you wish to modify. This will allow you to add / delete / modify the existing information.

To add a new attachment select "--EDIT PAGE--" from the SAFETY PLAN ATTACHMENT page. This will Add a link to "--ADD NEW ATTACHMENT--". 


Any time modifications are made to the Safety Plan the PI must go to the Final Signature page to certify and submit his requested modifications! ONLY AT THIS TIME is the Safety Manager alerted to the modifications requested to the plan. This allows the PI to make multiple changes prior to submission.