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Safety Plan Help - Cover Sheet

The Safety Plan Cover Sheet lists all the basic information associated with your safety plan.  This includes Safety Plan Numer, Location of your Laboraty, PI's associated with your project, Emergency Contact numbers and Authorized personnel.

The Cover Sheet also includes links along the top bar to "Current Plan" which will display a PDF document of your last FULLY APPROVED safety plan. A printed copy of this plan must be maintained in your laboratory.  Also links to the MSDS database, the ACS Safety Handbook, and this "Help" document.

Comments from the Safety Plan Manager will be displayed in Red, along with the approval date. If no date is shown the modifications have not been approved and may be waiting for your update and submittal.

Any information (with the exception of the safety plan muber) may be modified.  To modify a section of the Cover Sheet select the "--EDIT PAGE--" link located in the menu bar. 

This will:

  1. Change the background color of the header to green - Indicating you are in "edit mode"
  2. Add links next to each entry to allow for modification / addidtion or deletion of information.
  3. Change the "--Edit Page--" link to " --STOP EDITING--" 

Make the approprate modifications to the data you selected.  You may also return without any modifications.

  NOTE: IF you choose the "update information" button on any screen (even if you have not modified any data) you will need to re-submit your plan for approval!

You may select any link to modify the current information.  Use the "Back" button on your browser, or the "return to coversheet" links located on the modofication pages if you do not make any modifications. This will prevent having to submit your plan for review.