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Safety Plan Help - Plan Component Checklist

Upon Successful login to the Safety Plan application, you will be taken directly to the Plan List. The Checklist provides the PI with an overview of the current status of their safety plan.  There are two different stages of approval.

Not Approved - Modifications have been made to the plan by an authorized PI but have not been review or approved.

Approved - The Plan has been reviewed and all portions of this section approved.

If you are listed as a PI on more than one safety plan, you will first be directed to a page displaying all the Safety plans you are listed as a PI. Click the Plan number you wish to view / modify.  At any time if you wish to return to this page, select the link "Plan List" located at the top of each page.

The Plan Navigation area, located in the left column, is displayed on all subsequent pages and allows direct access to any section of a safety plan. 

The Safety Plan has been broken down into sections. These sections include: Process, Hazard & PPE List; Attachments; Target Chemicals; Target Equipment; DHS Chemicals; Security Checklist; Final Signature and Current Plan Report. You may select any item on this list to go directly to this section of your Safety Plan

 Any time modifications are made to the Safety Plan the PI must go to the Final Signature page to SIGN and submit his requested modifications! ONLY AT THIS TIME is the EHS Program Manager alerted to the modifications requested to the plan.

The Safety Plan will only be approved if all sections of the plan has been reviewed and approved by the EHS Program Manager.  By selecting the "Current Plan Report" link in the Plan Navigation box, the user can view and print a "PDF" version of the last fully approved Safety Plan.  A copy of this Plan must be maintained in your area, along with a printed copy of the Safety in Academic Chemistry Laboratories. (labs only)