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Safety Plan Help - Process

This section enables you to view / add / update the process information that involve the hazardous activities done in your area.

All major processes in your area must be accounted for.

  • List hazardous chemicals that are involved in each phase.
  • Describe the potential hazards for each process.
  • Identify the PPE and hygiene practices required for each process, class of chemicals or physical hazards. This includes gloves, eyeglasses, goggles, face shields, and respirators. If eye protection or respirators are required, indicate why they must be used and when.
  • Describe the controls used to reduce employee exposures to hazardous chemicals or physical agents.
  • List storage requirements for materials in your area. Indicate how spills or accidents will be handles and by whom. Indicate if any chemicals are being administered to animals and describe safety procedures.
  • Address decontamination procedures.

To view the details of a current Process, click “Processes/Hazards/PPE” in the Plan Navigation box. A list of your process names will be displayed. To review a process, click the process name.

To add a new process, select "—Add New Process--" from the PROCESS page. Enter the required process information and save.

You must complete all the elements listed in the Process Detail section. If an element does not apply, put an N/A in this category.

To edit an existing Process, select the process to modify from Process List  page, then select the section you wish to modify. Click the “Edit Information” button and enter your information. Click “Save” after you have finished making an entry.

All Processes have an “Add Hazard and PPE” button. Each process must have the hazard and corresponding PPE identified. Click the respective button to select the appropriate hazard/PPE selection from the drop down box. Some processes may have multiple hazards/PPE chosen. If you want to add more information to a selection, use the “Description” box to the right of it.

Any time modifications are made to the Safety Plan, the PI must go to the Final Signature page to “Sign” and submit the requested modifications! The EHS Program Manager is alerted of the modifications requested to the plan, review the material and issue approvals.