First Aid Kits

You cut your finger and oozing blood all over the place. You rush to the first aid kit and empty Band-Aid box and a variety of ancient supplies.

Clearly it's time to restock (after you take care of your finger!). OSHA states that first aid kits "shall be maintained, readily available for use and shall be inspected frequently enough to ensure that expended items are replaced." Below are suggested items to have in a kit if you are putting one together. Commercial kits are available and contain many items generally not needed.

    1. Gauze pads - at least 4 x 4 inches
    2. Two large gauze pads - at least 8 x 10 inches
    3. Box adhesive bandages
    4. One package gauze roller bandage - at least 2 inches wide
    5. Two triangular bandages
    6. Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes
    7. Scissors
    8. Tweezers
    9. Adhesive tape
    10. Latex gloves
    11. Two elastic wraps
    12. Directions for requesting emergency assistance
    13. Cotton balls
    14. Instant ice compress

If you have any questions please call 515-6858

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