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General Guidelines for
Responding to a Regulatory Agency

Responding to Regulatory Agency Visits

Standards & Regulations

Many different environmental regulatory agencies may conduct inspections at NCSU. The University is not exempt from compliance with occupational health and safety and environmental regulations. Agencies that may conduct compliance inspections include the NC Department of Environment, Health and Natural Resources; Raleigh Department of Public Utilities; Department of Labor and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Please refer to Responding to Regulatory Agency Visits, and Standards & Regulations for more information.

The penalties assessed can be comparable to those assessed in the private sector. The respective University department receiving the penalty is responsible for payment.

EH&S will provide support to department and pertinent information to the agency if an inspection occurs. (See NCSU Safety and Health Management Plan 100-03 page 3 for detailed procedures.)

Inspecting University Facilities

The principle method to evaluate safety is inspections. The safety inspector must examine two things: unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. Supervisors must conduct regular inspections and have the inspection audited by the departmental supervisor or by a safety professional. See " Supervisor's Responsibilities" for more information and a sample inspection checklist. The supervisor is accountable for his or her departments safety performance. Violations and deficiencies observed by affected personnel may be reported directly to EH&S. However, personnel should consult their supervisor first before calling EH&S. EH&S will make an inspection in response to such complaints. EH&S will notify the appropriate individual(s) of the inspection results.

The person filing occupational safety and health complaints shall be without retaliation from anyone.

Disciplinary Procedure

The State Personnel Commission established a uniform policy for discipline and dismissing employees subject to the State Personal Act. That policy is applicable to discipline and dismissal for violations of safety and health requirements.