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Eye and Face Protection Selection Guide


Protective eyewear must meet the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z87.1 standard. This eyewear can be identified by the "Z87.1" etched on the temple or frame.

Filter Lenses for Protection against Radiant Energy


Protective Device Descriptions

1. Spectacles
        *with sideshields
5. Goggles, welding
2. Goggles, non-vented 6. Goggles, chipping
   *eyecup type, clear safety lenses
3. Goggles, indirect vented
7. Faceshield
     *plastic or mesh, clear or reflective lens
4. Goggles, direct vented 8. Helmet, welding
    *stationary window or life-front window

SourceAssessment of HazardProtectionProtection Device Description #
ImpactChipping, grinding, machining, masonry work, woodworking, sawing, drilling, chiseling, powered fastening, riveting, and sandingFlying fragments, objects, large chips, sand particles, dirt, etc.Spectacles with side protection, goggles. For severe exposure use faceshield1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7
HeatFurnace Operations, pouring, casting, hot dipping, and weldingHot sparksFaceshield goggles, spectacles with side protection. For severe exposure, use faceshield1, 2, 3, 6, 7
Splash from molten metalsFaceshieled worn over goggles3, 7 for severe exposure
High temperature exposureScreen faceshield, reflective faceshield7 for screen/ reflective shields
ChemicalHandling of acids and chemicals, degreasing platingSplashGoggles, eyecup, and cover types. For severe exposure use faceshield2, 3, 7 for severe exposure
Irritating mistsspecial-purpose goggles2
DustWoodworking, buffing, general dusty conditionsNuisance dustGoggles, eyecup and cover types2, 3, 6
Light &/or RadiationWelding: Electric arcOptical radiationWelding helmet or welding shield. Typical shades: 10-148
Welding: GasOptical RadiationWelding goggles or welding faceshield. Typical shades: gas welding, 4-8; cutting 3-6, brazing 3-45, 8
Cutting, torch brazing, torch solderingOptical radiationSpectacles or welding faceshield. Typical shades:1, 5-31(filter lenses advisable), 5, 8
GlarePoor visionSpectacles with shaded or special purpose lenses, as suitable1