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Pressure Vessels


Pressure vessels requiring a hazard review include equipment, operating at greater than 15 psig, that have a larger internal diameter than the plumbing lines leading to the vessel. Compressed gas cylinders, boilers, heat exchangers, autoclaves, and other facilities equipment designed, tested, constructed, and inspected by the state of North Carolina are excluded from the requirement for a hazard review. Hazard review requirements apply to new equipment, donated equipment, and pressure vessels fabricated at or for the University.

The design plans for pressure vessels intended for use at the University, whether planned for fabrication in a University machine shop or to be fabricated by a contractor, must be submitted to Environmental Health and Safety prior to construction. This will assure that the appropriate design, fabrication, and leak testing (where applicable) practices are followed.

Plans for new pressure vessels should be supplied to the Environmental Health Safety Engineer at Box 8007 (513-1422).