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Local Exhaust Ventilation System Requirements for new Projects


  • Pre-qualified ADA hoods

    • Where ADA hoods are determined to be needed, the hood work surface shall be from 33-34 in. above the finished floor.
    • Hoods shall be equipped with a front edge air foils to reduce airflow eddies and to contain chemical spills inside the hood.¬† Pre-approved ADA hoods include:
    • SafeAire II by Thermo Scientific

  • NC Sate University, EH&S Modified AHREA 110 test requirements:
    All As Installed (AI) fume hood test shall include the followings. All readings/records shall be directly downloaded from the instruments. Hand writing records are not acceptable:

    • Exhaust Flow Measurement
    • Hood Static Pressure Measurement
    • Face Velocity test
    • Cross draft evaluation per SHARAE 110
    • Airflow visualization (both small and large volume smoke tests)
    • Tracer Gas Containment Test
      • static and test
      • dynamic/sass movement test
    • Hood monitor and alarm calibration
    • Room pressurization check

  • VAV hoods require additional commissioning tests:

          • Flow/face velocity measurements at different sash heights full open, 18” and 12” sash height
            VAV systems shall prevent flow variations in excess of 10% from design at each sash location.
          • VAV response time measurement
            • A response time of 3-5 sec.


One from needs to be filled out for each hood and returned to EH&S. EH&S will certify the fume hoods only after completed forms are received. Please visit the following link for FH-1 form download:

  • Examples of other¬† Local Exhaust Devices:
  • Gas cabinets
  • Snorkels
  • Canopy hoods