Active Shooter

Active shooter situations are dynamic and evolve quickly.  The response to active shooter situations will vary based on the specific circumstances. Be aware of various response alternatives, consider the specifics of the event and be prepared to act fast based on the information you have at that time. 

General Response Guide:

  • Move away from violence or shooting: moving may involve going through windows or other unconventional means if normal exits are blocked
  • Move to a safe location
  • Move again if necessary, based on good information
  • Shelter in place or hide if moving is unsafe
  • Lock and Barricade Doors; block windows and close blinds
  • Turn off lights
  • Silence cell phones
  • Take cover behind dense, solid objects that might be effective in stopping bullets

When confronted with an active shooter with no alternatives for escape:

  • Attempt negotiations with shooter
  • Play dead
  • Attempt to overpower or disarm the shooter