Experts List

This Experts List lists hundreds of campus authorities who have agreed to discuss their various areas of expertise with representatives of the news media. Experts are listed by general topic area. Searchable subject and name indexes are provided.

Search Tips

Items entered in the search field must be spelled exactly as they are intended to be searched.

If a word is misspelled, the database does not recognize the misspelling.

A common technique that will broaden your search results by subject or keyword is the use of truncation.

Truncation allows a user to search for the “root” of a word and find every entry that contains the letters typed in the search field.

To truncate a word, type the root of the word and add an asterisk (*) to the end of what is typed in the search field.

For example, typing fores* will yield: forest, forests, forestry and forest pathology. All experts associated with those keywords and experts in the subject area of forestry will be returned from the search.

The database search for the Experts List does not use some search techniques common to web site search engines.

The use of quotation marks (“”) is not recognized in the search function. Other punctuation marks are also not recognized and will produce an errant return if used.
For example, typing “economics” in the search field will return no items while typing economics will return 17 experts.

Booleans (AND, OR, NOT) are not recognized in the Expert’s List search.
For example, a search for women and engineering will yield all experts with a keyword or subject area of expertise of women and a keyword or subject area of expertise of engineering, not women that are associated with engineering.

Search terms are case-insensitive

For example, a search for chemistry will yield the same results as a search for Chemistry.

Name searches can be completed by typing a first or last name in any order.

For example, a name search for Banks will yield results for Drs. Alton Banks and H.T. Banks. A name search for Alton Banks or Banks, Alton will yield Dr. Alton Banks. Searching for Alton will also yield Dr. Alton Banks.

Contacting experts

You are welcome to contact these sources directly, or for assistance in identifying additional sources you may call NC State University News Services, (919) 515-3470, or e-mail

This guide, as well as all news releases, video news releases, radio actualities and general university information, is available online at the News Services' Web site.

Photos and Video Footage

News Services can furnish photographs and videotape of teaching and research projects at NC State on request.

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Faculty updates to the Experts List

Faculty members who want to be included in the Experts List, or want to update, revise, or delete their listings, may do so by contacting