General Tips:

To speed up your search for the building name Click on a letter (A - Z)

then use the scroll bar at the right of your screen to locate the building name

To see a photo Click on the building name

To bring the list back Click on "View the Building List" at the left of your screen

Floor Plan Viewing:

To see the floor plan Click on a Building's Floor Level (ex: 2 = second floor)

You will be prompted for your campus account and password

Please note: buildings may have all drawings in one file. Your viewer should display "thumbnail" - small postage stamp size images of each floor plan, which include the title, ex: Third Floor. In this case, click on the thumbnail to open your plan. The thumbnail images usually appear in the upper left corner of your viewing window.

After the Floor Plan appears:

RIGHT CLICK your Mouse Button to zoom in or out, fit to window, pan(slide the drawing around)

To print the image Use your Web Browser's print function (Landscape orientation usually works best)

Note: Some web plans are currently unavailable. For further information please contact the Office of the University Architect at North Carolina State University for assistance. (919)515-2121 - Box 7216 - Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7519

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