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1911 Building  

2806 Hillsborough Street A and B


George Worsley Administrative Services Complex

Administrative Services I (formerly University Graphics)

Administrative Services II (formerly Administrative Services Center)
Administrative Services III (formerly Support Services Center - SSC)

Alexander Residence Hall

Alumni Center, Dorothy and Roy Park

Alumni Memorial Building - See Winslow Hall  

Avent Ferry Complex 

Avent Ferry Technology Center


Bagwell Residence Hall   

Becton Residence Hall   

Bell Tower

Berry Residence Hall   

Biltmore Hall  

Biological Resource Facility

Bobby G. Wilder Visitor Center at Arboretum

Bostian Hall   

Bowen Residence Hall   

Bragaw Residence Hall   

Brickhaven Drive Buildings

The Brickyard - See University Plaza

Brooks Hall  

Broughton Hall  

BTEC Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center

Bureau of Mines   

Burlington Nuclear Engineering Labs

Butler Communications Building

Caldwell Hall   

Campus Police - See Public Safety Center

Carmichael Gymnasium  

Carmichael Recreation Center

Carol Johnson Poole Clubhouse 

Carroll Residence Hall  

Carter-Finley Stadium   

Case Academic Center   

Cates Avenue Steam Plant 

Centennial Biomedical Campus Parking Deck

Centennial Campus  

Centennial Campus Central Utility Plant

Cherry Building (Home of Early College High School)

Chilled Water Central Plant

Clark Hall

Coliseum Parking Deck

College of Textiles  

College of Veterinary Medicine  

College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Annex - Demolished

College of Veterinary Medicine - Research Building

Community Center at E.S. King Village
(ES King Village Commons)

Constructed Facilities Laboratory  

Corporate Research I Building - See Poulton Innovation Center

Council Building

The Court of North Carolina

Cox Hall

Curtis and Jacqueline Dail Softball Stadium

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Dabney Hall  

Dail Softball Stadium - See Curtis and Jacqueline Dail Softball Stadium

Dan Allen Parking Deck

Daniels Hall  

David Clark Labs and Addition

Dearstyne Avian Health Center  

Derr Track and Field

D. H. Hill Library

Disk Golf Course at Centennial Campus

Doak Field at Dail Park

Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center

Engineering Building I 

Engineering Building II

Engineering Building III

Engineering Graduate Research Ctr - See Larry K. Monteith Engineering Research Center  

Environmental Health and Safety Center   

Erdahl-Cloyd Wing  

ES King Village Commons

Faculty Club (University Club)  

First Year College Commons

Fleet Services Facility (formerly Motor Pool Facility) - See Morris Facilities Services Complex

Flex Lab Building - See Varsity Research Building

Fox Science Teaching Laboratory (formerly Undergraduate Science Teaching Lab - USTL)

Fountain Dining Hall  

Free Expression Tunnel

Friday Institute for Educational Innovation (William and Ida Friday)

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Gardner Arboretum

Gardner Hall  

Gold Residence Hall  

Golden LEAF Biomanufacturing Training and Education Center - BTEC

Governors W. Kerr Scott and Robert W. Scott Courtyard

Gregg Museum of Art & Design

Grinnells Animal Health Laboratories

The Grounds at The Point - See also The Point  


Harrelson Hall  

Harris Field

Harris Hall  

Hillsborough Building  

Hodges Wood Products Laboratory  

Holladay Hall  

Honors Village Commons Building

Hunt Jr. Centennial Campus Library, James B .

Isenhour Tennis Complex

James B. Hunt Jr. Centennial Campus Library

Jensen Drive Tunnel

Jordan Hall  

Jordan Hall Addition

Joyner Visitor Center (E.Carroll Joyner)

Kamphoefner Hall   

Keystone Science Center

Kilgore Hall  

(E. S.) King Village


Language and Computer Labs (formerly Laundry Bldg.)

Leazar Hall  

Lee Field

Lee Residence Hall 

Lee Sullivan Bragaw Courtyard

Library, James B. Hunt Jr. Centennial Campus

Lonnie Poole Golf Course


MAE Lab at West Research Annex

Mann Hall  

Mary Yarbrough Court

Math and Statistics Building - See SAS Hall

McKimmon Center   

Memorial Bell Tower  

Metcalf Residence Hall  

Monteith Engineering Research Center (formerly Engineering Graduate Research Center - EGRC) 

Morris Building - Demolished

Morris Facilities Services Complex

Fleet Services Facility (formerly Motor Pool Facility)

Sullivan Shops I
Sullivan Shops II
Sullivan Shops III

Murphy Football Center (Wendell H. Murphy) - See also Carter-Finley Stadium   

Nelson Hall  

North Residence Hall

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Oval West Parking Deck   

Owen Residence Hall


Page Hall   

Parents Park

Park Alumni Center

Park Shops

Partners I   

Partners II   

Partners III

Partners Way Parking Deck

Patterson Hall  

Peele Hall  


Poe Hall   

The Point

Polk Hall  

Pool (Carmichael Gymnasium Natatorium)

Poulton Innovation Center (formerly Corporate Research I)

Price Music Center  

Primrose Hall  

Public Safety Center

Pullen Hall

Pylon 10 - Research Facility


Research I  

Research II  

Research III  

Research IV  

Reynolds Coliseum  

Reynolds Tunnel

Ricks Hall  

Riddick Hall (formerly Riddick Engineering Labs)   

Riddick Stadium - Demolished  

Robertson Pulp and Paper Laboratories

Rocky Branch Creek

Ruby McSwain Education Center at Arboretum

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SAS Hall

Schaub Food Science Building

Scott Courtyard - See Governors W. Kerr Scott and Robert W. Scott Courtyard

Scott Hall 

Solar House

Spring Hill House

Student Health Services Center

Sullivan Residence Hall   

Sullivan Shops - See Morris Facilities Services Complex

Syme Residence Hall


Talley Student Union

Terry Companion Veterinary Medical Center

Thomas H. Stafford, Jr. Commons

Thomas Hall

Thompson Hall (Includes Thompson Theatre, Craft Center)   

Tompkins Hall  

Toxicology Building

Tucker Owen Beach

Tucker Residence Hall  

Turlington Residence Hall

Undergraduate Science Teaching Lab (USTL) - See Fox Science Teaching Laboratory

University Club (formerly Faculty Club)  

University Graphics - See Administrative Services I

University Plaza - The Brickyard

Varsity Research Building (formerly Flex Lab Building)

Visitor Center (E.Carroll Joyner)

Watauga Club Gateway

Watauga Residence Hall  

Weaver Laboratories  

Weisiger-Brown Athletic Facility  

Welch Residence Hall  

West Chiller Plant 

West Dunn  

West Lot Parking Deck

Western Blvd. Business Services

Williams Courtyard

Williams Hall

Winslow Hall (formerly Alumni Memorial Building)

Winston Hall  

Withers Hall

Witherspoon Student Center

Wolf Plaza

Wolf Village Apartment Complex

Wood Residence Hall

Worsley Administrative Services Complex

Yarbrough Dr Steam Plant 


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