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November 15, 2011

Present:  Chair Kellner, Immediate Past Chair Overton, Secretary Sawyers, Provost Arden; Senators Argyropoulos, Aspnes, Borden, Bourham, Campbell, Funkhouser, Headen, Holden, Jasper, Khosla, Kotek, Lubischer, Lunardi, Moore, Robinson, Rucker, Snyder, Sztajn, Tonelli, L Williams, M. Williams, Zonderman

Excused:  Secretary Sawyers; Parliamentarian Weiner; Senators Auerbach, Carver, Hatcher, Mitchell, Townsend

Absent:  Senators Edmisten, Freeman, Fuentes, Hammerberg, Nfah-Abbenyi, Tu

Visitors:  Benny Suggs, Alumni Association; Jessica Halpem, The Technician; Emerson Barker, Student Government; Tracey Ray, Assistant Vice Provost, Institutional Equity and Diversity; Betsy Brown, Provost Office; Nevin Kessler, University Advancement; Amy Jinnette, Provost Office

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 6th meeting of the 58th session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2.  Remarks from the Chair
Chair Kellner stated that today the Senate will be taking up as old business some of the items discussed in the last meeting.  First a resolution on parental leave for graduate students and then the issue of Parliamentarian. 

Chair Kellner announced that Assistant Vice Provost Gumpertz  has requested a Senate representative to serve on the University Diversity Advisory Council.  If you are interested in serving please contact Chair Kellner.

Chair Keller reported that the issue of wolf alert and what happened on campus during a lockdown was much discussed in the Chancellor’s Liaison meeting.  The issue is going to be discussed again tomorrow in the Staff Senate meeting.  He stated that the Staff and Student Senates are concerned about wolf alert and whether it works.

The Faculty Assembly met last Friday where most of the day was spent dealing with the Academic First Project.  The ultimate question that came up was, why are we so interested in time to graduation.  That is to say instead of dealing with seat time, why are we concerned entirely with clock time? 

Chair Kellner commented about the Board of Governors meeting.  He stated that all of the documents are online.  The first is the Woodward report about duplication and the second one has to do with a lot of facts and figures about tuition.  He stated that he was surprised to hear that the BOG was really tough in talking to Chancellors about their tuition increases. 

Chair Kellner announced that a faculty workload study will begin soon and a Director of Military Education to the system will be hired soon.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 5, November 1, 2011 
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Provost Arden
Provost  Arden reported that they are moving forward with strategic planning and strategic realignment and he will share the task force reports in the coming weeks.

Provost Arden announced that the following events are taking place this week.

Provost Arden reported that progress is being made on the faculty hiring program and finalizing our enrollment which is due to GA on Friday.  Tuition of course is the other big issue on the agenda.

Provost Arden talked about the Honorary Degree process and asked for the faculty’s assistance with nominations.  A handout describing the process was passed out.

Provost Arden stated that folks often think that nominating someone for an

Honorary Doctoral Degree is a much more involved and complicated process than it really is.  He emphasized that the awarding of an Honorary Degree is the highest distinction NC State can give someone and they are always looking for exceptional nominees. 

Provost Arden stated that the nominees should be individuals who have had a marked impact throughout their career and someone we would be proud to bring to campus and award an NC State Honorary Degree.  There are some limitations.  It is  not in anyway to reward or encourage contributions to the university, it is to recognize an outstanding individual for their contributions. 

The recipients do not have to have a relationship with NC State.  They don’t even have to have a very strong relationship with North Carolina.  We would like for there to be an opportunity that they could develop that relationship with NC State or North Carolina and clearly if they have some level of connection with North Carolina - that does enhance the application.  It is also not necessary to have a relationship with the individual you are nominating.

The Honorary Degree website is assessable through the Provost’s Website.

Questions and Comments
Senator Zonderman—Can you speak a little more on enrollment?

Provost Arden stated that there are actually two things going on and one is the long term enrollment report and that is a 20/20 plan.  Originally the plan was to grow to about 40,000 students by 2017 and this has us targeted at about 37,000 students by 2020, maintaining access by increasing the number of transfers from community colleges to the UNC system.  One of the concerns that we have is that we have grown very rapidly as an institution in the last ten years.  In the last ten years we have grown our undergraduate population about 25% and our graduate population by about 40 percent.  We have only grown our tenure track faculty by 2% in fifteen years and so what would ideally happen in the perfect world is that as you grow your enrollment your base funding stays the same but you have additional enrollment increase dollars that come to you per student.  In most years we do get additional enrollment dollars, but frequently that is offset by a loss to our base and so we end up taking more and more students for not much more money.  I think a more critical variable is appropriation or total educational resource which is a combination of appropriation and tuition plus student’s FTE.  So what has happened at NC State has happened at many other UNC system schools and that is for those of us that have grown, our budgets haven’t grown proportionately.  The other trend that has happened over time is there was a period where we were not meeting our graduate enrollment target.  We are out of balance and so we need to get back in balance and focus on graduate enrollment and focus on having the appropriate resources for those students that we have. 

Provost Arden stated that we are going to have to get used to potentially not being the largest institution in the state. I’m far more interested in the quality of education and ensuring that we have the resources for the students that we do have on campus.  Short term what we are submitting for next year is not off by much from what we have always submitted and has been approved by the Board of Governors.  The problem with the whole short term enrollment planning process is that you work down a certain pathway strategically trying to determine what is the optimum class that you would like to involve and what resources will that generate for us.  This year for example, we are underfunded comparing the actual class enrolled to the class we planned to enroll and the money we planned to get, we are underfunded by about $3 million.  The reality is if you enroll all the students that you want we are not going to get that funding from the state, so those will likely be underfunded students.

Senator Robinson—What is the strategy for nontraditional students?

Provost Arden stated that about four years ago we hit a peak at about 4800 new freshmen, mostly high school students.  We then started ramping down.  This year we targeted 4400 and we hit 4560 and I can tell you that in the projection that is going to go to GA on Friday, we are going to target about 4250 new freshmen.   Now to maintain access we will probably be trying to slightly ramp up our transfers from Community Colleges, which tend to be more mature students and other institutions.  We have more than 20,000 applicants for those 4250 slots.  We make about 10,000 offers and of those 10,000 offers roughly about 4250 will accept and end up on campus.

Senator Snyder-Last year we took a 15% overall reduction in appropriation and people are talking about a 15% increase in tuition.  What are the numbers?  Obviously the tuition increase is not going to offset the loss of appropriation.

Provost Arden stated that when you are 72% appropriation and 28% tuition, 15% doesn’t equal 15%, so a 15 percent loss in your appropriation is about an $80 million loss and on average tuition will generate maybe around $12 million.

5. Remarks from Nevin Kessler
Vice Chancellor Kessler stated that the 125th anniversary of any institution is an important thing to celebrate, particularly important for NC State right now because it is the year before we hope to go into our next comprehensive fund raising campaign.  We finished our last campaign in 2008, which was followed by a pretty horrific downturn in the economy and fundraising at the university was definitely impacted.

Vice Chancellor Kessler reported that NC State has been rebuilding it’s operation since that time and he is  excited about the university’s readiness in eighteen months to go into the next campaign.  This 125th anniversary is a year long celebration. The celebration is going to impact two academic years and it will launch on March 5, 2012.

Vice Chancellor Kessler stated that a very large planning committee is working on our logo and theme and there is at least one representative from each college along with staff, students, and alumni. 

Vice Chancellor Kessler stated that the preferred outcome of the celebration is to build our pride.  The students in particular are crying out for a university about which they can have their pride, so they are making a lot of those things happen themselves.  We have a strategic plan and we would like to be able to use the programming of the 125th to begin to focus on that strategic plan and use that as a bridge to go into the next campaign.  As we develop programming for the 125th year, particularly the programming that is happening in the academic units we will be encouraging folks to develop that,  aligned with some of the areas of expertise and excellence. 

We want to be able to use this 125th year to focus on what it is we do that have made some huge differences in the lives of North Carolinians and beyond and use this as a way to launch stories.  We also want to use the year to begin to create some understanding of the need for things that involve faculty positions, scholarships, and some of the things that we know will be priorities in the next fundraising campaign.

We have identified some primary audiences and we have some secondary audiences.  For the most  part we believe the most important audience for this 125th is our faculty, staff, and students.  It’s been a tough three or four years in terms of salary increases and we are hoping that as a result of some of the programming that we can reinforce the importance of everyone’s work here to a greater depth.

We need to enhance the level of our alumni pride in the institution and we will have a lot of programming directed to alumni that we hope will accomplish that goal.

Kessler stated that we have some secondary audiences and clearly we will be using our communication efforts to engage some of these folks. 

Some of the major activities that are planned during this 125th year are:

Kessler stated that they are going to be doing a lot of regional alumni events.  They want to engage faculty and they want to make sure that they identify all of the events that happen on the campus annually.  All events even those that are held annually will be encouraged to adopt the 125th logo and brand.

Questions and Comments

Senator Campbell commented on the banners down Dan Allen Drive.  He thinks they are quality marketing.

Kessler stated that new banners will go up for the 125th year and they will go up in March 2012.

Senator Campbell suggested that if affordable he thinks the new 125th Anniversary lapel pins should be provided to everyone, faculty, staff, and students.

Tonelli --Is there a process by which to communicate?

Kessler responded, yes there is going to be a website up very soon where you can send an email and he will make sure that it gets to the working group that’s involved.   

6. Remarks from Benny Suggs
Associate Vice Chancellor Suggs piggy backed on Vice Chancellor Kessler’s comments.  He stated that he is excited and impressed with a very inclusive process.  There are 40 plus members and representation that includes alumni, staff, and students, so everyone will have their fingerprints on the 125th.   The Alumni Association is already planning the magazine editions for the 125th year and one of them will be a hard bound much bigger production.  It will be a collectable that will capture 125 very, very special years.

Alumni Association
Associate Vice Chancellor Suggs stated that to be a member of the Alumni Association you do not have to have an NC State degree, you just have to be a friend of NC State.  About two thirds of NC State’s alumni live in North Carolina and one third live outside. One half of them have graduated since 1992 and the median age is in the low forties.

Suggs stated that outreach is a very strategic initiative here when Chancellor Woodson is leading by example, which he is definitely doing.  We have had the opportunity to work with Advancement staff and the Chancellor’s office to support Chancellor Woodson’s outreach activity and it has been really successful.  

Suggs pointed out some of the locations where the Chancellor has reached out to local leaders, alumni, telling the story about NC State.  Vice Chancellor Kessler and Chancellor Woodson just returned from a visit to Asia where NC State has alumni and they are big supporter of the university. 

Vice Chancellor Kessler was successful in working with one of our alumni in Korea to form a partnership where we can fund activities for our students to travel to Korea and Korean students to travel to NC State. 

Faculty Awards
Associate Vice Chancellor Suggs stated that the Alumni Association has $75,000 budgeted annually for recognition.  Some of the faculty will be recognized next spring with a cash gift and afterwards there will be a reception in the Grand Ball Room of the Park Alumni Center attended by leadership here at NC State and the recipients and their families.

Suggs stated that they have also had a lot of outreach activity by inviting local communities, local alumni to attend other kinds of events other than tailgate.  For example, we have the Rembrandt and American luncheon and tour coming up on December 7th.  We have gotten great support here on campus from CHASS.  Again, providing valuable relevance to Alumni  or anyone to give them reasons to stay connected to NC State. 

Also, in  a lot of these outreach activities we have changed the format a little.  Not only does the Chancellor provide updates which are very informative and helpful to these folks as they stay connected to NC State but we are also now bringing in guest lectures from various colleges that talk about areas that are very important for that particular reason.  That has been extremely successful. 

Suggs stated that in the language of the strategic plan and in the draft implementation plan, we have to do everything that we can do to provide a very rich and rewarding and successful experience for our students.  Following is a few highlights of some of the things that we do and support completely:

- 75 current fellows

- 2nd largest student organization on campus

Suggs stated that they are doing a lot of cool things.  We are doing well but we could do so much better with your help - your contributions and your membership.  We receive about one third of our funding from the university and that goes to salaries and the other two thirds comes from folk like you. Thank you for allowing me to come.  

Questions and Comments

Senator Lubischer—Do you have a means for helping at the departmental level?

Suggs responded yes, if there is something you wanted to do or needed to do to reach out to alumni we have a great data base.

Vice Chancellor Kessler stated that NC State has 190,000 living alumni and 150,000 are mailable and they   can provide the data to any faculty member as long as they know how it’s going to be used. 

Senator Argyropoulos – Do you have an idea of the degree of the utilization of the alumni building?

Suggs responded that they are getting great utilization.  The facility is used a lot for events such as  business meetings, social activities, lunch, etc.

Chair Kellner - Where would you like to be in five years?  How would you measure a tremendous success?

Suggs stated that there is a lot of ways you can do it and number one is membership. The sky is the limit and I would like to start here with a 100% membership.  On the 125th and the big campaign that we have coming up it is opportunity rich.

7. Old Business

Second Reading:  Resolution for the Provision of Parental Leave for Graduate Students

Chair Kellner presented the resolution for the second reading.   

The motion passed unanimously to adopt the resolution.

Resolution to Insert the Office of Parliamentarian in the Faculty Senate Bylaws

Chair Kellner presented the resolution for first reading.

Senator Zonderman moved to strike the last sentence (Any appeal to the Parliamentarian shall be made by the Chair) The motion passed.

Senator Jasper moved to strike the wording “from the former Faculty Senators” The motion passed. 

A motion passed to accept the amended resolution on the first reading.

8. Issues of Concern
Senator Carver had an accident and is concerned with the difficulty in getting access to handicap parking.

9.  Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

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