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September 20, 2011

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 3rdd  meeting of the 58th session of the NC State Faculty Senate to order at 3 p.m.

2.  Announcements and Remarks
Chair Kellner welcomed guests.

Chair Kellner  announced that a Howling Counsel newsletter has been created. Faculty can subscribe to it and receive updates from the University General Counsel’s office.

Chair Kellner announced that the subject of the General Faculty meeting is “Change at NC State” having to do with the Change Committee.  Senator David Zonderman will give a presentation on Academic Programs and Aaron Clark, a former Senator will present from the Academic Science Program taskforce.

Chair Kellner announced  that the Faculty Senate is tasked with appointing a member to the Honorary Degree Committee.  Anyone interested in serving should contact the Chair of the Faculty.

Chair Kellner announced that two new committees have been organized, one is on university surveys and the other is the leadership team, reminding us that in a year or two the university will have its SACS accreditation.

Faculty Assembly
Chair Kellner brought up several points regarding the Faculty Assembly.  He stated that they discussed the question of academic progress standards.  The Board of Governors faculty workload study was discussed and the general was that we all need to learn how to talk more effectively about what we do. 

Chair Kellner explained the findings and recommendations on the update on “Unnecessary Program Duplication” Project. 

Chair Kellner reported that there was a very controversial proposal to the Faculty Assembly that would have changed the representation at the Faculty Assembly.   He doesn’t anticipate it will be coming up again.

Chair Kellner announced that there is an exhibition of Dean Malecha’s drawing sketch book on display in the east wing of the library.

Chair Kellner announced that there will soon be a speaker series on aging.

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 2, September 6, 2011
Secretary Sawyers asked for approval of the minutes.  A motion passed to approve the minutes as corrected. 

4. Remarks from Provost Arden
Provost Arden presented a PowerPoint on Faculty Resources—where we are currently, where we have been historically, and what are some of the challenges.  He gave a brief overview of trends in the university over the last ten years. 

Provost Arden pointed out that there has been a significant growth in student numbers over that period of time and the total research expenditures increased more than sixty percent.

The PowerPoint is available on the Faculty Senate website at http://ncsu.edu/faculty_senate/items-interest/documents/9.20.11-FacultySenate-FacultyResources.pdf

5.  BORST Presentation
Vice Chancellor Leffler and Don Patty presented a PowerPoint on the Business Operations Centers. They  highlighted some of the realignment recommendations that VC Leffler and Provost Arden made to the Chancellor last spring.

The PowerPoint is available on the Faculty Senate website at http://ncsu.edu/faculty_senate/items-interest/documents/Leffler-Patty-FacultySenate9-20-11_2.pdf

6.  Committee Remarks
Academic Policy
Senator Argyropoulos, reported that the Academic Policy Committee has been working on the issue of maternity leave for graduate students and the committee also reviewed the grievance procedure for students and have come up with a number of recommendations.

Governance Committee
Senator Bourham reported that the Governance Committee is reviewing two issues;  1) how we are working and how we should work our recommendation to the Faculty Assembly 2) how to increase the power of the Faculty Senate with respect to approving or disapproving certain policies.

Personnel Policy
Senator Aspnes reported that the Personnel Policy Committee is working on the regulation on faculty and joint appointments—regulation on non- tenure track faculty—regulation regarding the tenure block.

Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Robinson reported that the Resources and Environment Committee is working on the issue of athletic facility access and they have expanded it to  the issue of health and wellness of aging faculty. 

7.  Issues of Concern
Chair Kellner received an issue of concern from a faculty member who would like the information on  TEARS explained more clearly.

The issue of concern was assigned to the Resource and Environment Committee.

8.  Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:55 p.m.

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