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March 20, 2012

1.  Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the meeting to order at 3 p.m.

2.  Announcements and Remarks
Chair Kellner reported on his activities since the last Faculty Senate meeting.

Chair Kellner stated that he attended a graduate student research symposium at the McKimmon Center where there were many amazing poster presentations. 

Chair Kellner explained that the Alumni Distinguish Undergraduate Awards Committee also gives you a lot of enormous PDFs  to go through and rank.  The task can be somewhat challenging, but it gets done. 

Chair Kellner reported that in the Honorary Degree Committee, they have careful discussions of the appropriate criteria.  This could be an interesting topic for Senate discussions some time in the future ---- what a university honorary degree candidate ought to be. 

Chair Kellner stated that the Chancellor’s Liaison Committee is important because it brings the Chancellor and Student Government together and in the most recent meeting they discussed the Talley renovation in much greater detail than we have heard, and also textbook prices.

Chair Kellner reported that the new academic excellence event that the Chancellor has raised money for will give $10,000 a year to relatively junior faculty. 

Chair Kellner reported that he heard about a number of things at the University Council -- most interestingly, changes in the federal conflict of interest rules particularly from the NIH.

Chair Kellner reported that at the Academic Leadership Meeting, the talk was primarily about International Programs and the Study Abroad Program, an interesting discussion.

Chair Kellner thanked everyone for attending the General Faculty meeting. 

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 11, February 21, 2012
The minutes were approved as submitted.

4.  Remarks from the Provost
Strategic Plan – Provost Arden reported that we are in the process of going back to the metrics that were identified and establishing a targeted time line for each of those metrics.

Provost Arden reported that the cluster hiring program is well under way.  Of the twelve different clusters, he has approved search committees for five of those.  There is every indication that some of the faculty may be on campus this fall.

Provost Arden explained the Faculty Scholars Program.  It is a program designed to recognize high achieving mid career faculty.  The concept is that they would have to carry the designation of university faculty scholar for a five-year period plus a $10,000 pay raise.  

Provost Arden thanked everyone for the discussion on the quality enhancement plan at the General Faculty meeting last week.  He stated that this is going to be very important to us, moving forward with a really great plan to include critical and creative thinking throughout the university and throughout the curriculum. 

Strategic Realignment
Provost Arden stated that he signed the Science Taskforce Report last week. Past Chair Margery Overton put in a huge amount of work along with that committee for the last eight or nine months.  He urged the faculty to review the task force report on the Provost’s website and send any comments. 

Provost Arden reported that the Business Operations Realignment Steering Team (BORST) is making good progress and is about to roll a recommendation out to him shortly and he would in turn make a recommendation to the Chancellor. 

Provost Arden reported that the Academic Program Efficiency and Effectiveness Review is currently under review by the colleges and departments. 

5.  “University Values and Ethics” draft “Statement of Community Compact”
Senator Auerbach stated that they spent a fair amount of time on the document, and the only thing different from what the council is proposing and what’s on the sheet is that the fairness item was a last minute addition, so he asked that every place where the word fairness occurs to remove it.

Chandler Thompson, Student Body President read the draft document.  The faculty commented and offered numerous suggestions.  

6.  Association of Retired Faculty
Frank Abrams stated that the Association of Retired Faculty is referred to as ARF.  From the very beginning, in 1982, the Professor/Head of Philosophy and Religion, Howard Miller was one of several leaders and the first President of this Association.  There is a firm view that the purpose of the  organization is to provide service to retirees, the university, and to the community.  ARF has remained independent of the university and that was done for very important reasons.  The founders felt that ARF should be  in a position to speak out on things in support of the university in areas where it might not be appropriate or even illegal for an organization of the university to do so.

7. Governance Committee Report on Faculty Governance
Senator Bourham stated that a report came to the Governance Committee two years ago on recommendations regarding selection processes for heads and chairs. The Governance committee reviewed and discussed the report and came up with a recommendation that the Faculty Affairs Committee be referred to as the Faculty and Staff Advisory Committee.

Senator Bourham present the first reading of a resolution from the Governance Committee.

After much discussion, the resolution was withdrawn and will be discussed further in the Executive Committee.

8. Adjourn
The meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.

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