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February 19, 2013

Present:  Chair Kellner, Chair Elect Zonderman, Parliamentarian Weiner:  Senators Ade,  Aspnes, Borden, Bourham, Bradley, Daley, Fleisher, Funkhouser, Jasper, Knopp, Knowles, Lucia, Lunardi, J. Moore, Morgado, Nfah-Abbenyi, Penrose, P. Williams

Excused:  Secretary Sawyers, Provost Arden, Senators Argyropoulos, Hatcher, Holden, Lubischer, Sztajn, Tyler, L. Williams, M. Williams   

Absent:  Aday, Devetsikiotis, Freeman, Fuentes, M. Moore, Piedrafita, Snyder, Spontak,

Guests:  Duane Larick, Provost Office; Betsy Brown, Provost’s Office; Mohan Ramaswamy, NCSU Libraries; Marcia Gumpertz, OIED; Richard Bernhard, Professor, Industrial Engineering; Stephen Reynolds, Professor of Physics

1. Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the eleventh meeting of the 59th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Remarks from the Chair
Chair Kellner announced that candidates are needed for the Faculty Senate elections. 

The meeting scheduled during the week of spring break has been rescheduled to March 12 and a meeting will also be held the following week. 

Chair Keller reported that he attended the SACS leadership meeting on yesterday where there was a discussion on the QEP and compliance issues. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 10, February 5, 2013.
A motion passed to approve the minutes as submitted.

4. Remarks from Duane Larick, Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives
Senior Vice Provost Larick stated that the Provost sends his apologies for not being here, he has  been a little under the weather the past few days, so he asked me to come and give a quick update on those projects I am working on as Senior Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives.

Most of my time has been spent on three key topics including: 1) The Chancellor's Faculty Excellence Program hires (CFEP), 2) Academic Productivity and Planning and, 3) the creation of the College of Sciences (COS).

Relative to the CFEP the greatest challenge we are currently facing is identifying space for the new faculty hires. That is particularly true for positions that will be in areas impacted by the creation of the COS. In addition to the 38 CFEP hires there are also new hires in each college associated with strategic planning. The Provost has committed significant financial resources for renovation and repair projects to create these spaces.

A question was asked relative to the Provost's recent space memo and the possible reversion of space to the Provost.

Dr. Larick responded that basically we are working with the Colleges and programs to identify space that can be renovated and repaired and then re-purposed for the new faculty hiring initiative. Space identified will not automatically revert to the Provost's oversight.

In regards to Academic Productivity he mentioned that a draft of the Task Force report has been distributed to the Colleges and, as part of the current strategic planning initiative, colleges have been asked to provide an update on their process for and progress on addressing recommendations of the Task Force.

In regards to Academic Planning he mentioned that the UNC-GA requirement limiting us to no more than 3 programs in the approval process at one time might not be a burden to us. We currently have 2 programs on the list and they may likely be addressed at the April meeting of the BOG. Given that, we do not have a backlog of programs waiting to be addressed. The advantage of the UNC-GA requirement is that it does require us to prioritize programs on our campus.

Finally, in regards to the CALS/COS topic the main point is that we are working now on handling the details of implementing the decisions made by the Steering Committee and Implementation Teams and that while we will be ready to officially begin operations related to the COS July 1, there will likely be ongoing items that need to be addressed and we are committed to handling them.

5. Remarks from Stephen Reynolds
Professor Reynolds gave a status report on QEP Planning.

Reynolds stated that the QEP, titled Critical and Creative Thinking, is an action plan to enhance student learning.

The QEP is part of the university’s reaccreditation process.  That process proves that the university is fulfilling its mission of educating students for 21st century  life and work.

Critical thinking is the active, persistent, and careful consideration of beliefs or knowledge in light of evidence, and creative thinking is the generation of new ideas.

Reynolds stated that the targeted locations are English 101, FYI Seminars, College 100 level orientation courses and some of the large section courses taught, particularly to freshmen.

The process of planning the QEP will take about two years, culminating in reaffirmation of our accreditation in December 2014.

For more information or to follow the progress of Critical and Creative Thinking at NC State go to:  accreditation.ncsu.edu/qep.

6. Remarks on NTT Rank and Promotion Policy
Betsy Brown, Vice Provost forFacultyAffairs, discussed procedures for promotions in rank for full-time non-tenure track faculty members with rank (e.g., Teaching Assistant Professors). She reported on responses by non-tenure track faculty to a survey specifically developed for them as part of the COACHE survey of faculty job satisfaction. They reported low satisfaction (2.75 or lower on a 5-point scale) with such items as the clarity of the process, standards, criteria, and body of evidence required for promotion. Their responses were also low on whether they had a clear sense of the likelihood that they will be promoted. While the process, general standards, and body of evidence for promotions is the same as that for tenure-track and tenured faculty members, the specific criteria for their promotions are often not defined in their departments' RPT Rule. Dr. Brown encouraged Senators as DVF members or non-tenure track faculty members to learn more about the process, discuss departmental expectations for promotion in these positions, and provide guidance and mentoring for non-tenure track faculty members who want to be considered for promotion in rank. Dr. Brown noted that the procedures for promotion are included in REG05.20.34 Non-TenureTrackRanks and Appointments and that these promotions follow the same review procedure at the department, college and Provost level as promotions for tenure-track and tenured faculty members. The Provost's Office will hold an information session on promotion for non-tenure track faculty with rank on Monday, February 25 from 3:30-4:40 in the Erdahl-CloydAuditoriumin DH Hill Library.

7. Remarks on Faculty Facilities in Hunt Library
Mohan Ramaswamy, Associate Head for Research and Graduate Services provided an update on the Faculty Research Commons in the Hunt Library.

The Faculty Research Commons is located on the top floor of the Hunt Library, and is an exclusive, faculty-only space with a quiet atmosphere, and the opportunity to cross paths with faculty colleagues in all disciplines.  There are many key features such as a conference room with videoconferencing and dual flat panel displays, lounge seating, technology equipped workrooms, with whiteboards to name a few.  The faculty commons has focus rooms for 1-2 people and it also contains a small kitchen.  

There is also a graduate student commons on the fourth floor of the Hunt Library designed to meet the needs of graduate students as scholars and researchers.  It offers a variety of tools and technologies to support individual and collaborative work while making it easy to connect with peers across the disciplines.

The Graduate Student Commons features group study rooms with whiteboard walls. 

Faculty and graduate students can reserve rooms online at www.lib.ncsu.edu/huntlibrary/reservearoom .

Mr. Ramaswamy encouraged the faculty to visit the Hunt Library and provide some feedback.

8.  Issues of Concern
Senate Lucia presented an issue of concern with respect to the sale of the Hofmann Forest.  He stated that he would like the decision to be reviewed since it is not just a resource for the College of Natural Resources, but a resource for the entire university.

Chair Kellner assigned the issue to the Resources and Environment Committee.

Senator Lunardi would like to know more information about the new debit card that the university is offering.

Chair Kellner assigned the issue to the Personnel Policy Committee.

9. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at

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