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August 21,2012

1.  Call to Order
Chair Kellner called the 1st meeting of the 59th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Remarks from the Chair
Chair Kellner introduced the Executive Officers of the Faculty Senate.

Chair Kellner shared the mission of the Faculty Senate and some history (from 40 years ago) about the Faculty Assembly, which is where representatives of campus governance from all areas of the UNC System get together with the President of the system to discuss issues. 

Chair Kellner stated that last month he attended a retreat of the Faculty Assembly Executive Committee at East Carolina University where they discussed the issues for this year.  They came up with broad topics like faculty welfare and articulations in all sorts of different areas.

Chair Kellner commented on the development of a number of situations at various universities.  He stated that he has spent a lot of time thinking about these things and what they have in common and reading Faculty Senate blogs from all over the place finding out what has been going on.  He noted that as you follow the stories in every case Faculty Senates have changed their role, have stepped up and have become very important voices for the university. 

Chair Kellner stated that speaking with one voice is very important.  Relating to other interested parties, alumni, Trustees, is crucial and standing up for the best values of the university when we discover sometimes that they are not always being carried out.  We have to be prepared, connected, and vocal. 

Chair Kellner announced that each Senator is on one of the four Faculty Senate standing committees and he has asked each of the committees to begin with a particular issue. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 14, April 17, 2012
Secretary Sawyers explained the procedures for putting the minutes together.

Secretary Sawyers asked for approval of the minutes.  The motion passed to approve the minutes as submitted.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Woodson
Chancellor Woodson reported that the university entered the fiscal year with a balanced budget for the first time in three years.  We also had our first salary increase in four years and it was 1.2 percent.  The Board of Governors passed a resolution that  all of the campuses provide that increase across the board.

Chancellor Woodson stated that with so many years of non-salary policies within the university that we have grown to have a number of equity issues, so some modest funds, essentially 1% have been set aside to allow department heads and unit leaders to address some of the severe cases of inequity and market issues that we face across faculty and staff. 

Chancellor Woodson reported that from a legislative standpoint, all restrictions related to our salary policy have gone away.  We don’t have to use discretionary resources that are not equal across colleges. 

Chancellor Woodson announced that the State Employees Combined Campaign will be launched soon.  This past year NC State was among the leading institutions in terms of per capita giving.   He realizes that North Carolina continues to have some employment challenges so whatever anyone can contribute will be appreciated.

5. Remarks from Provost Arden

Provost Arden stated that the Faculty Senate is an important relationship and one that he looks forward to getting input from when he has critical issues to discuss. He credits the Faculty Senate for working together to address some important issues over the years, in particular over the last two years a new university strategic plan. 

Provost Arden announced that he has hired two deans this summer, Dr. Richard Linton in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, who is currently serving as Head of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University and Dr. Mary Watson coming from the University of Vermont where she is currently Dean of the School of Natural Environment and Natural Resources.  She will be the new Dean for the College of Natural Resources.

Provost Arden reported that other things on his list this year that need to be focused on are the Academic Effective and Efficiency Report, the Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program, and a new Academic Program Planning Process.  

Provost Arden noted that he is also excited about the new University Scholars Program where this fall we will be naming 20 early to mid career scholars across campus represented in all ten colleges. 

6. Introduction of the New Senators
Chair Kellner introduced the four individuals who have returned to the Faculty Senate after a period of time away and then he introduced those that are serving for the first time.

7. Senate Discussions
Chair Kellner stated that last year the Senate asked for more focused discussions and more preparation for meetings.  A list of items was handed out where the Senators were asked to prioritize each (1,2,3, with 1 being most interested).   The chair asked the senators to also include additional items that they would like to discuss.

Questions for Mike Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Chair Keller asked the senators to write down questions they would like Vice Chancellor Mullen to address at the next meeting.

8. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:40 p.m.

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