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April 28, 1998

Senators present: Chair Wahl, Secretary Corbin, Past Chair Smith, Provost Stiles, Parliamentarian Link, Senators Barr, Bernhard, Bottcher, Brown, Carter, Daley, De Buysscher, Fahmy, Griffin, Hamouda, Klenin, Lilley, Magill, Middleton, Monahan, Murty, Nagel, Patty, Schwab, Serow, Siderelis, Strenkowski, Suh, Tetro, Wehner, Wessels, Wilson

Senators absent: Senators Bizios, Gilbert, Lewis, Rushing, Wall

Visitors: Mary E. Kurz, University General Counsel; Pam Smith, News Services; Jenny Chang, Student Body President-Elect; Chad Myers, Student Body President; Frank Abrams, Associate Provost; Judy Peel, Physical Education; Seth Whitaker, Student Senate President Pro Tempore; Greg Hold, Chair, Staff Senate; David Williamson, Director, University Benefits; Charles Lytle, Professor; Clare Kristofco, Assistant to the Chancellor; Kristel Jernigan, Student Senate University Affairs Committee, Vice Chair; Ryan Avent, Student Senate Academics Committee Chair; Jason Cotter, Student Senator

1. Call to Order
The seventeenth meeting of the Forty-Fourth Session of the NC State Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Chair George Wahl.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Wahl welcomed Senators and Guests.

The inauguration of President Molly Broad will be held on April 29, 1998. NC State will be hosting visiting faculty members at a buffet in the Atrium from 5-6:15 p.m.

Fred Corbin was elected to serve as Chair-Elect for the 1998-99 year and as Chair of the Faculty from 1999-2001.

Chair Wahl announced that when a small committee of the Board of Trustees overturn a personnel decision, the full Board will review the decision before it is finalized.

Chair Wahl attended the Faculty Governance Association in Portland Oregon.

The ARL Index for 1996-97, which ranks research libraries has just been released. The NCSU Libraries have achieved the Chancellor's TOP FIFTY goal by moving into the 42nd ranking. Six years ago its ranking was 101. Moving 59 rankings in just six years have been described as virtually unheard of in research library history.

Chair Wahl noted that faculty colleagues are instrumental in doing some of the things that the library does. He stated that if anyone knows a faculty member who has been a good friend of the library, there is the annual NCSU Libraries Faculty Award. The deadline to submit an application is August 28.

Graduation will be held on Saturday, May 16, 1998. The speaker for graduation will be General Shelton, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He is an NC State ROTC graduate.

Chair Wahl announced that mediation is getting close to a decision. Likely during the month of May the committee will be asking for candidates who would like to become mediators. There will be training over the summer and hopefully the program for faculty will be in place by the fall.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 16, April 14, 1998
The minutes were approved.

4. Remarks from Greg Holden, Staff Senate Chair
Greg thanked the Senate for support during the past three years. He stated that in the initial establishment of the Staff Senate, a joint resolution was passed in the Faculty/Staff Senates. It was encouraging to have the support of the Faculty Senate in their initial year when there were some who had questions concerning the Staff Senate. He and Chair Wahl have interacted in a number of situations. They have had numerous discussions and shared lots of information. Greg stated that he has benefitted from Chair Wahl's wisdom.

5. Remarks from Chad Meyers, Student Body President
Chad handed out copies of the Student Government 1997-98 reviews. The Student Government is composed of the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and the Judicial Branch. He stated that Student Government has accomplished a lot this year and is proud of the things they have done. He highlighted two issues in which he thanked the Senate for support.

1) Service Raleigh Event. There were over 600 faculty, staff and students in the Raleigh area doing service work on that Saturday.
2) Teacher Evaluations online. He feels that they were a large success, and he has received good comments from the students and faculty concerning these evaluations.

Chad has enjoyed serving as Student Body President. He has enjoyed interacting with the Faculty Senate and General Faculty.

Comments from Jenny Chang, Student Body President-Elect
Jenny thanked Chad for an excellent year. She looks forward to working with the Senate in the coming year. She introduced Andrew Payne as Vice President of Academics, Seth Whitaker, Student Senate President Pro Tempore, Ryan Avent and Kristel Jernigan, Academic Chairs for the Student Senate, and Jason Cotter, new Senator.

6. Unfinished Business
A. Grievance Procedures
Michele Magill from the Personnel Policy Committee moved that the Senate adopt the changes that they proposed at the last Faculty Senate Meeting on the Grievance Procedures so they can be added to the Faculty Handbook.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

B. Comprehensive Review
Dennis Daley, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, referred to the revised report at the Senators' places on post tenure or comprehensive review procedures, that was originally passed by the Senate and recommended by the COFOR Commission. He stated that these are what the Conference Committee of faculty, Department Heads, and Deans have agreed to. He moved that the Senate accept the revisions as circulated.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

C. Statement on Faculty Rights and Responsibility
Senator Daley stated that the Statement on Rights and Responsibilities was completed by the Commission on Faculty Rights and Responsibilities and sent to the Senate. The Personnel Policy Committee reviewed it and recommended that the Senate adopt it and add it to the handbook at the beginning of Chapter 6. He moved that the Senate adopt the changes as a handbook change.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

Remarks from Senior Associate Provost Abrams
Dr. Abrams stated that Drs. Judith Stillian, Peter Petschaur, Charles Williams and he made a presentation to the American Association of higher education on the issue of post tenure review. He pointed out that they served on the UNC systemwide committee that resulted in Administrative Memorandum 371 which was instigated by President Spangler. At the forum they had the opportunity to give their presentation to approximately one hundred people. He noted that it was an enjoyable presentation.

7. New Business
A. Personal Liability Insurance
David Williamson, Director of University Benefits, reported that he is aware that the personal liability insurance policy was canceled on many of the faculty. He stated that a new plan is effective May 1, 1998. He introduced John Gastino from Providence Insurance Agency to explain the new plan.

Comments from John Gastino, Providence Insurance Agency
Mr. Gastino reported that this policy's coverage is identical to that of the Travelers Program. It provides full defense cost regardless to the limit, and will pay any judgement that you are legally liable for up to your policy limits. It is a way that each individual, on a voluntary basis, can protect their own personal assets.

It provides personal and bodily injury, and property damage plus full defense cost for any action that the covered person might have as a result of activities with employment at NC State University.

B. Assistance with Research Project
Dr. Charles Lytle stated that he has undertaken a study of factors influencing promotion and tenure decisions for college and university faculty. This arose from a series of discussions with faculty colleagues at NC State and several other campuses across the country. As part of the study, he prepared a questionnaire with a cover letter explaining the purpose of the study. He encouraged the faculty to complete the questionnaire and return it to him. He stated that they are interested in the experiences and observations of the faculty members and administrators on the issues. They are soliciting information from a number of campuses to put together some information that will shed light on current practices and information pertaining to the changing perceptions or the definition of scholarly activities as changing demands on universities and changes in communication technology and other issues that have affected professors.

Senator Serow stated that there are people on this campus who deal with studies of this type. He would be glad to discuss this with Dr. Lytle. He noted that very well studied and specific issues about changing criteria for promotion and evaluation are being reviewed closely.

C. Governance Issue
Senator Monahan, Chair of the Governance Committee, reported that the negotiated interpretation of the open meetings law determined that faculty were not considered professional staff. This affects the attendance of the faculty at meetings of the university administration. The Governance Committee made a proposal to designate the Chair of the Faculty as a member of the professional staff. More importantly, this allows the faculty access to information about what is happening at the university so they can perform their jobs properly and not always react to policies that are falling out of the sky from Holladay Hall. The committee is divided on the issue. The majority report proposes that the Faculty Senate recognize that many duties of the Chair are administrative in nature and functions as "professional staff," and that the Faculty Senate request the Provost to classify the Chair of the Faculty accordingly. In presenting both a majority and minority report, Senator Monahan moved that the Senate accept the majority report on this issue.

The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

D. Memorials
Senior Associate Provost Abrams reported that two years ago the Faculty Senate recommended a memorials policy in response to the Retired Faculty Committee. The Provost's office was charged with developing a procedure and it has been developed. They will be sending a letter to Deans and Department Heads next week implementing the procedure which involves the department or unit in which the person was last appointed. A memorial statement will be prepared which is transmitted to the Chair of the Faculty, a brief memorial statement which will be read at a Faculty Senate Meeting, and a more lengthy memorial that will be included with the minutes of the Faculty Senate as a way of putting into permanent record some statement of the faculty to recognize the services of faculty when they pass away.

Senator Wehner moved that the changes be accepted as proposed. The motion was seconded and passed with one opposition and one abstention.

Provost Stiles stated that the administration is under a dictate from the Board of Trustees to start a zero based policy approach to the policies of the Board of Trustees. The administration would like to work with the faculty so that everyone would do a minimum amount of work. He would like to have the Faculty Senate's input on this with a smooth, rapid, thoughtful process that will not require a lot of time. He would like to have suggestions forwarded to him or the General Counsel.

8. Reports
A. Final Reports of the Executive Committee's Committees

1) Academic Policy Committee
2) Governance Committee
3) Personnel Policy Committee
4) Resources and Environment

B. Liaison Reports
Faculty Assembly
Past Chair Smith reported that the Faculty Assembly considered the question of representation. As it stands, UNC Chapel Hill and NC State are the two universities with five delegates. The other constituent institutions have four, three, or two depending on the number of faculty teaching at those institutions. There was some discussion on changing the formula which would increase the number of assembly delegates. The decision was finally made to leave it as is.

Past Chair Smith reported that the Faculty Assembly passed a resolution asking President Broad to declare 1998 Human Rights Year at the University of North Carolina and to encourage the Chancellors to do the same at their branches. She responded saying that it had not been the custom of the President's office to issue declarations such as that, so she declined. She said she had communicated with all the Chancellors and feels that it is appropriate for them to find some way to appropriately recognize this as the fiftieth anniversary of the declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations.

University Housing Committee
Senator Tetro reported from the University Housing Committee. They dealt with issues within the residence halls. A budget was passed. Specific needs around the residence halls were addressed. The room selection criteria went online this year. Four buildings were toured by the committee. She stated that an issue of concern was raised on long range planning.

Honors Council
Senator Carter reported from the Honors Council. Last week they had a three day site visit. He stated that day in and day out the Honors Council works hard to give special challenges in honors courses to outstanding undergraduates. They have spent a lot of time this year working on a report to the administration. The site visit was completed this weekend and their report is expected within a week.

Provost Stiles added that honors are a part of the total program. It is viewed as a way to do the best by our best students. He strongly believes that the best students need to interact, not only with the best students, but with the rest of the students.

9. Issues of Concern
Senator Wessels stated that some of his colleagues are concerned that on the annual benefits statement, 9% was put into matching funds into the TIA CREF, when in fact the total is 6.92%.

Chair Wahl assigned the concern to the Resources and Environment Committee.

Chair Wahl stated an issue of concern from Professor Ray Long on students getting into the First Year College and not getting out.

Chair Wahl is on the First Year College Advisory Committee. He plans to handle the issue of concern.

10. Election Results
A. Chair-Elect of the Faculty
Fred Corbin was elected to serve as Chair-Elect for the 1998-99 year and as Chair of the Faculty from 1999-2001.

B. Secretary of the Faculty Senate
Dennis Daley was elected to serve as Secretary of the Faculty Senate for the 1998-1999 year.

11. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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