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October 26, 1999

Senators present: Chair Corbin, Secretary Carter, Provost Hall, Parliamentarian Link, Chair Emeritus Wahl, Senators Ash, Banks, Bottcher, Brown, Brownie, Elmaghraby, El-Masry, Fitzgerald, Funderlic, Grainger, Griffin, Hamouda, Havner, Hodge, Kimler, Knowles, Lytle, Malinowski, Markham, Misra, Peel, Sawyers, Suh, Toplikar, Werner, Wilkerson, Willits, Wilson

Senators absent: Senators Fisher, Grimes, Kelley, Robinson, Smoak

Excused: Senator Gilbert

Visitors: John Borwick, Student Senate Pro Tempore; Ashley B. Perry, Senior Staff Writer, Technician; Robert Sowell, Associate Vice Chancellor/Senior Associate Dean, Graduate School; Frank Abrams, Senior Associate Provost; Karen Wolfe, Director, Office of Academic Personnel Services

1.    Call to Order
The fifth meeting of the forty-sixth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Chair Frederick Corbin.

2.    Welcome and Announcements
Chair Corbin welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Corbin announced that the Honors Convocation was held last Tuesday. Among those recognized were Dr. Salah Elmaghraby from Engineering, and Dr. Dennis Werner from Horticultural Science.

Chair Corbin announced that the Harrelson Lecture will be held on October 27, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of the Witherspoon Student Center. The speaker will be Dr. Julian Bond. Chair Corbin noted some of the accomplishments of the Bond family and he encouraged the faculty to support the Lecture.

Chair Emeritus Wahl announced that the Hewlett Initiative has opened several inquiry courses this year. He stated that the idea is to try to get Freshmen in a small group activity with a faculty member during their first year. He stated that the Hewlett Initiative has taken the initiative of pushing this in response to a Faculty Senate resolution that urged the idea of small classes for incoming freshmen.

Chair Corbin announced that the General Faculty Meeting will be held Monday, November 1, 1999 at 3:00 p.m. in the Stewart Theater. The meeting will focus on Faculty Successes. He noted that Dr. Kermit L. Hall, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Jim Riviere, the winner of the O. Max Gardner Award will be featured.

Chair Corbin announced that the Board of Trustees will meet November 18-19, 1999; the Faculty Assembly will meet November 19, 1999.

Senator Judy Peel announced that the tour of the athletic academic support area will be Tuesday, November 2, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. Faculty who are interested in the tour should contact Senator Peel.

3.    Remarks from the Provost
Provost Hall reminded the faculty that the Compact Planning Process is moving along well. The Administration is in the second round of the planning process. He stated that the results have been good. The second iteration has brought a considerably greater level of sophistication to the plans which is very helpful to the Administration in completing the process in the spring semester.

Provost Hall stated that on November 7-8, 1999 there will be a small group of people at NC State for the committee on the future of NC State University which the Chancellor announced at her installation. Those discussions are aimed at setting up the larger discussion in the spring when the full committee meets. The membership with that group has not been settled. He stated that they are hoping to be able to have some advice and guidance from the colleagues that will be coming over the week-end.

Provost Hall handed out a list of current members of the Association of American Universities (AAU) along with their years of admission, a list of the fifteen institutions that are at the bottom of the AAU, and a combined list of institutions which might appropriately make a claim to be inside the AAU. He thinks NC State needs to keep its goal of seeking admission to the AAU. He noted that it takes place by invitation and stated that there are a number of variables that go into that consideration.

Provost Hall also handed out a sum of the key indicators that AAU used in the past to target admission to the group. He thinks it is important to use this group as a target. It is the most distinguished collection of research universities in the country. Provost Hall stated that they act as an effective academic clearinghouse as well as a significant lobbying organization, and most importantly, they give a certain imprimatur to the institutions that belong to them. He noted that NC State’s most immediate and closest institutions are Duke and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He stated that NC State has by many measures the right to claim membership in the AAU.

Provost Hall stated that the AAU is in the process of de-listing some institutions. They are effectively asking some institutions to leave. Given the prestige of the AAU, not all of them are anxious to leave. The most recent institution was Clark University in Massachusetts which has departed the AAU on its own account because it says that its ambitions are no longer eligible to be equated on a research basis with the rest of the AAU members.

Provost Hall stated that the AAU is looking at a host of other institutions that do not meet the prior criteria mentioned. He noted that the charts handed out point out information about the standing of North Carolina State. The first are the lists of institutions that are currently members of the AAU that fall below the AAU guidelines. There are fifteen of them. In addition he handed out the list of another fifteen or so institutions including North Carolina State that are at or above the guideline numbers. He stated that this is an interesting point because when you move your way through it, you will discover that North Carolina State University is very competitive in many of these categories. In some ways North Carolina State is at the top of the list of institutions that might make appropriate claim on membership in the AAU. He stated that NC State needs to as a matter of academic standing, use this as one of its ambitions.

Provost Hall noted that there are several Land Grant Institutions that are members of the AAU that provide some direction to NC State in thinking about what its profile might look like. NC State is not going to be invited to join the AAU next year. It may well be the case that Texas A&M or Georgia Tech may beat it to the punch. However, he thinks that if NC State keeps this kind of ambition and goal before it, it will help to move the larger set of issues especially with regard to resource allocation that is needed.

Secretary Carter wanted to know if President Emeritus Bill Friday still holds the seat for the UNC system on the AAU.

Provost Hall responded no, that the incoming Chancellor for UNC Chapel Hill will hold the position inside AAU.

4.    Reports
A.    Academic Policy Committee
Senator Kimler, Co-chair of the Academic Policy Committee reported that the committee reviewed the Provost’s new Departmental Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, and noted the committee’s favorable reaction.

The committee met with Dr. Thomas Conway, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and Director of the First Year College, who reported on the progress of the Student Success Indicators Committee.

The committee reviewed and endorsed the report of the Copyright Ownership Task Force, "NCSU Copyright Ownership Policy Recommendations".

Senator Kimler reported that in the coming weeks, the Academic Policy Committee plans to begin consideration of the report from the Curriculum Team__Diversity Initiative," and plans to continue its discussion on "Scholarship Reconsidered".

B.    Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Brown, Chair of the Resources and Environment Committee, reported that Cathy Reeve, Director of Transportation will be addressing the Faculty Senate on November 9, 1999. Anyone with specific questions should email Cathy or a member of the Resources and Environment Committee. Senator Brown stated that Cathy was asked about the issue of concern that was raised earlier this year in the Faculty Senate about night parking near Poe Hall. Cathy agreed that there is not a really good solution. She stated that the problem with letting people into the Riddick parking lot earlier is that they cannot control access beyond that point. Cathy feels that the best solution is to utilize the escort service.

Senator Brown reported that the Resources and Environment Committee met with Jill Coleman and Barbara Doll to discuss the Rocky Creek Project. The committee feels that this is a project worth supporting. She stated that it is not without concerns that include the loss of parking spaces and also concern about plans to expand the physical education facilities. Senator Brown stated that, on the whole, they felt more positive than negative about the project.

Senator Brown reported that an issue of concern was raised relating to some residential buildings that are being built on Centennial Campus. The committee has been supplied with background information and plans to look into the issue.

Senator Brown reported that Michael Harwood spoke to the committee last week concerning the Campus Master Plan. Parts I - II have been distributed, and the steering group is soliciting comments throughout the process.

Senator Brown noted that a presentation of the Master Plan will be done at the upcoming Board of Trustees meeting in November.

C.    Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Robert Bottcher, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, updated the Senate on previous issues that the committee has been addressing such as mediation in which Sheri Plenert gave a presentation to the Senate. He stated that there was concern over what should be mediated. The concern has been addressed and the issue has been given to the Governance Committee for appropriate incorporation into the new mediation procedures in the Faculty Handbook.

Senator Bottcher reported that with respect to benefits, Bruce Mallette, Assistant Provost for Administration mentioned to him that at a meeting last week, UNCGA’s Vice President stated that UNCGA is moving ahead with the mandated salary study of the sixteen constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina and the institutions are creating a set of peers. UNCGA will deliver a report to the Legislature by December 1, 1999.

Senator Bottcher reported that on the nine-month appointment issue, the Chancellor is in the process of responding to the resolutions that were passed in the Faculty Senate last year. He stated that with regard to the resolution regarding the calendar, the committee will be addressing this issue later in the fall. Senator Bottcher stated that Assistant Provost Mallette suggested that the committee should expect bottom line that the reality will be that academic and fiscal year terminology will be used instead of the nine-month and twelve- month appointments, and that if the faculty are really concerned about this, that this might very well be the venue of a calendar committee at NC State University which has faculty, staff, and student membership with a Faculty Senate Representative. The committee plans to continue addressing this issue.

Senator Bottcher reported that with regard to the Promotion and Tenure procedures, the Academic Policy and Personnel Policy Committees have had a number of joint meetings to discuss the issue and try to develop a faculty consensus. They have developed a resolution which was drafted in their joint meeting last week.

Senator Bottcher introduced the resolution for its first reading.

Senator Grainger stated that the College of Engineering’s Senators have met in response to overtures that have been made to the Senators by the Faculty in a number of departments in the College of Engineering. He and Chair Corbin were presented with a copy of lists of names signed in various departments. Upon receipt of this, he called a meeting of the College of Engineering Senators. They met to see how they could properly respond to the suggestions and overtures of their constituents. Senator Grainger stated that on the basis of that meeting, three Senators have come forward with some modifications and changes to the draft resolution that Senator Bottcher has presented.

Senator Grainger read the proposed amendments for points of information.

The resolution and proposed amendments will be debated and voted on at the next meeting.

Senator Bottcher reported that he attended a meeting in Chicago with people from a number of other North Central Region universities. He had a discussion with a very respected colleague who is a professor at the University of Minnesota. They discussed the issues of promotion and tenure, and the professor indicated that the University of Minnesota has college level review committees for their promotion and tenure process. He has served and has chaired the committee. Senator Bottcher stated that the professor’s department has very well worked out criteria. One point the professor made, that Senator Bottcher thought was very interesting was that at the University of Minnesota, the faculty are reviewed annually, and there is a written assessment of each faculty member annually. The Professor stated that it makes it easier, when the decisions need to be made at the departmental or college level, to have this record of written assessments for previous years. Senator Bottcher stated that he is not sure this is something he would like to recommend, but he would like to report the use by a university that is in the AAU and has incurred tremendous records of accomplishments. He feels it is something to think about.

5.    Liaison Reports
Senator Brown reported from the Group, Insurance and Benefits Committee. She stated that the childcare study is still moving along. She pointed out that there are a number of key vacancies in the Human Resources area that are affecting their ability to move forward on some issues.

Senator Sawyers reported that the fall commencement will be held in the new Entertainment and Sports Arena, Wednesday, December 15, 1999.

Chair Emeritus Wahl reported that the Athletics Council met last Friday. There appears to be a widened gap in the academic ability between incoming freshmen and incoming student athletes. He stated that incoming freshmen are advancing at a faster rate in the academic ability than incoming student athletes.

Chair Emeritus Wahl stated that the two major projects that the athletics department is trying to push are major improvements in Carter Finley Stadium and an enhancement or new building for academic support facilities, primarily because the $80M that would be involved for the football enhancement seems more readily available than the $40M that would be required for the academic support facility. The $40M is required because it is more than academic support, it is also a basketball practice facility. Chair Emeritus Wahl stated that because of that big difference in the availability of money, the academic support facility is now number two which means that it is not going to get done anytime soon. The Athletics Council has drafted a letter to the Chancellor asking that this activity be given some priority in facilities, particularly the Weissinger Brown building which will be vacated should the football coach move to the enhanced facility at Carter Finley Stadium.

Chair Emeritus Wahl reported that women’s golf is going to be reintroduced. It had been canceled in the early 1990's. It appears that it will likely be returning.

Chair Emeritus Wahl reported that there is considerable discussion about the students’ fee increase for intercollegiate athletics. The students were given several different fees and the only one that was turned down is the increase of $10 for the intercollegiate athletics fee. The Athletics Department’s point is that they have not asked for a fee increase in two years, so they thought that a modest increase at this time was defensible particularly since basketball seats available to students are going to increase from 3,000 to 6,000 in the new sports and entertainment complex.

Chair Emeritus Wahl reported that the question might rightly be raised about whether or not NC State has home court advantage in basketball.

Senator Banks reported that the Evaluation of Teaching Committee is currently considering peer review. A subcommittee has been formed that is chaired by Senator Knowles.

Senator Banks reported that the University Academic Operations Council has been focusing on twenty major areas of success for students and has narrowed the resolution of twenty to what they consider the top five.

6.    Issues of Concern
Senator Kimler stated that a colleague is concerned about extensive commercial solicitation on Campus.

Chair Corbin assigned the issue of concern to the Resources and Environment Committee.

Senator Sawyer would like the Resources and Environment Committee to ask the Group Insurance and Benefits Committee about using social security numbers from the faculty’s standpoint. He stated that when he chaired the committee three years ago, there was a concern about using social security numbers as faculty’s identification.

7.    Adjournment
Chair Corbin adjourned the meeting at 4:55 p.m.

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