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 April 4, 2000

Senators present: Chair Corbin, Secretary Carter, Parliamentarian Link, Chair Emeritus Wahl; Senators Ash, Banks, Bottcher, Brown, Brownie, Elmaghraby, Funderlic, Griffin, Havner, Hodge, Kelley, Kimler, Lytle, Misra, Peel, Robinson, Sawyers, Smoak, Toplikar, Wilkerson, Wilson

Senators absent: Provost Hall; Senators El-Masry, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Gilbert, Grainger, Grimes, Hamouda, Malinowski, Markham, Suh, Werner, Willits

Excused: Senators Lytle, Toplikar

Visitors: Samara D. Fleming, Faculty Development & Governance Specialist; Daniel Bunce, Assistant Editor of The Bulletin; Stella Litsas, News Writer, Technician; John Borwick, Student Senate President Pro Tempore; Jeff Hunter, Student Senate; L. Edward Burgess Ford, Student Senator

1.    Call to Order
The fourteenth meeting of the forty-sixth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate was called to order by Chair Frederick Corbin at 3:00 p.m.

2.    Welcome and Announcements
Chair Corbin welcomed Senators and Guests.

John Borwick, Student Senate President Pro Tempore announced that his term will be ending at the end of the semester. John introduced Jeff Hunter and Lee Burgess as members of the Student Senate and stated that they will most likely be serving during the 2000-2001 year and will be attending some of the Faculty Senate meetings.

Chair Corbin announced that Faculty Senate nominations for the Chair-elect of the Faculty will take place at the next meeting.

Chair Corbin announced that the last Faculty Senate meeting will be held on May 2, 2000.

3. Approval of the Minutes
The minutes were approved as amended.

4. Elections
Athletics Council

A motion was made to elect Samuel Pardue and Alan Tonelli by acclamation to serve on the Council on Athletics. The motion was seconded and passed without dissent.

Faculty Assembly
An election was held to vote for three delegates to serve on the Faculty Assembly.

The three candidates elected to serve two year-terms on the Faculty Assembly are Harriette Griffin, Stephen Lilley, and Paul Williams.

5.    Reports
Governance Committee
Senator Elmaghraby reported that the revised document of the grievance procedure has been E-mailed to each of the Senators. The procedure will be discussed at the next meeting. Mary Beth Kurz, University Counsel will be present to consult if anyone has questions. Senator Elmaghraby stated that the committee tried to take all the questions that were sent to the committee into account. He noted that this is the document that should appear in its final form as a resolution of the Senate with all the modifications included.

Senator Elmaghraby reported that the committee plans to submit the mediation procedure at the next meeting. The committee has received numerous modifications and objections which were instructive to it because there were issues that the committee had not thought about.

Senator Elmaghraby stated that he has responded to Senator Gilbert’s concern about where it is stated in the General Faculty Bylaws that the University Counsel, and the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs should be informed of a grievance. He has E-mailed Senator Gilbert the exact location of where the information can be found in the bylaws.

Senator Elmaghraby reported that the Governance Committee also plans to present a suggestion on the representation formula to the Faculty Senate at the next meeting.

Senator Elmaghraby thanked the members of the Governance Committee for their help and cooperation this year.

Personnel Policy Committee
Senator Bottcher, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee reported that the committee met with Provost Hall and Senior Associate Provost Abrams last week. A survey has been sent to faculty to gauge their input regarding written summaries of annual reviews by Department Heads. The committee will be reviewing those surveys at the Personnel Policy Committee meeting next Tuesday. Anyone interested in attending the meeting is welcome.

Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Brown, Chair of the Resources and Environment Committee reported that the committee met with Sam Averitt, Vice Provost of Information Technology, and Sarah Stein, Chair of the TLTR (Teaching and Learning Technology Round Table). The committee is trying to decide whether they are going to introduce a resolution to form a committee dealing with information technology at the university level. Currently there is no committee at the university level that deals with information technology. There is a defacto university committee called the Standards Committee that is in the process of being reconstituted. Sam Averitt is trying to have the Deans appoint representation from each college. Senator Brown stated that the plus of their resolution will be to have a committee that is focused more toward what the user needs, but at the same time recognizant of the fact that they do not want to contribute to a committee overload or having the same people that would end up on both committees. The committee would appreciate any input from the faculty.

Academic Policy Committee
Senator Banks, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee reported that the committee met on March 28, 2000 to review the work of Thomas Conway and a number of his colleagues, and to review the Student Progress Indicators Committee Report on the review of faculty reports success for undergraduates, and to discuss some of the factors associated with that. There was also a discussion on campus-wide teaching.

Senator Banks reported that the committee on teaching evaluation has assembled a draft document about twelve items to be circulated in the campus test pilot project this fall to assess the evaluation of teaching. The committee will be meeting with Lynne Baker-Ward, Chair of the committee on the Evaluation of Teaching, John Lapp whose subcommittee created that document, and with Ephraim Schechter who has been charged from the Provost with assessing those twelve items. The faculty is invited to participate.

The Academic Policy Committee plans to also review the Academic Program Review document. A group headed by Susan Blanchard worked up a document based on recommendations of committee to try to stream line and make more efficient the review of academic programs on campus to turn it into a continuous process instead of once every ten years. Senator Banks stated that the document has been made available through Vice Provost Anderson’s office.

Senator Elmaghraby appealed to Chair Corbin to send a letter to the faculty alerting them to the importance of the election to the Chair-elect, and informing them of the duties of the Chair-elect and the Chair of the Faculty.

Chair Corbin agreed and stated that a summary page will be sent to all of the faculty on the listserv.

Senator Bottcher suggested that the duties of the Past-chair be included.

Chair Wahl shared his experience as Chair of the Faculty. He feels that the person elected to become chair-elect should be someone that is aggressive in terms of trying to get his or her foot into more doors, who is not bashful about letting his or her opinion be known, and who carries the feelings of the faculty to the various constituencies. Chair Wahl noted that there are a number of pluses in holding this position, however there is also quite a bit of worthwhile work involved.

Chair Wahl stated that some of the advantages of the position are that the elected person’s department will receive 51% of his or her salary. Chair Wahl noted that 51% makes that person an administrator which gives him or her access to administrative meetings. Other advantages are reserved parking, regular visits with the Chancellor and Provost, and meetings with the Deans and Vice Chancellors.

Chair Wahl noted that the Past-Chair position is not in the bylaws. He is serving at the pleasure of the Chair.

6.    Adjournment
Chair Corbin adjourned the meeting at 3:50 p.m.















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