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September 23, 2003

1. Call to Order
The third meeting of the fiftieth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Chair Dennis M. Daley.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed Senators and Guests.

A student made the following announcement.

Last spring the Crime Stoppers Program was started by students, faculty, and staff. The bylaws are in place and officers have been elected. There are currently two faculty positions available on the committee. Anyone interested in serving can contact Chair Dennis Daley.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting 2, September 9, 2003
The minutes were approved as corrected.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Fox
Chancellor Fox remarked on campus safety and budget issues.

5. Issues of Concern
Secretary Weiner reported back to the Senate on the issue of library journals.

Senator Bruck is concerned about disasters from hurricanes being funded at the expense of State employees. Chair Daley assigned the concern to the Governance Committee

Senator Kasal is concerned about there not being enough classroom capacity to guarantee seats for incoming freshmen at the same time as current or transfer students. Chair Daley assigned the concern to the Academic Policy Committee

Senator Jasper is concerned about a miscommunication among students on what they understand the Adverse Weather Policy to be as opposed to classes being cancelled.

Senator Bernhard is concerned about deceased faculty’s names appearing on the voter roster.

6. Committee Reports
Secretary Weiner reported that the Copyright Committee hosted Provost Oblinger at their last meeting and he agreed to support their efforts to clarify the areas of concern that have been raised by faculty and staff across campus regarding copyright and NC State Regulation.

7. Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 3:55 p.m.

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