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AUGUST 24, 2004


Present:  Chair Daley, Secretary Weiner, Chair-Elect Allen; Provost Oblinger, Parliamentarian Corbin; Senators Baynes, Batra, Bernhard, Bitting, Blair, Blank, Branson, Brownie, Clark, Estes, Fahmy, Fauntleroy, Fikry, Hanley-Bowdoin, Hooper, Johnson, Kellner, Khosla, Krotee, Martin, Matthews, McRae, Middleton, Miller, Moore, Smith, Stein, Tetro, Young

Excused: Senators Bruck, Robarge, Warren

Absent:  Senators Hauser, Kasal, Wessels,

Visitors:   Benny Benton, Editor or the Bulletin; Andy Willis, Assistant to Chancellor for External Affairs; Katie Perry, Senior Vice Provost; P. J. Teal; Secretary of the University & Assistant to the Chancellor; Lee Fowler, Athletic Director; Patrick Cleary, Student Senate President ProTempore

1.  Call to Order
Chair Dennis Daley called the first meeting of the fifty-first session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Daley announced that Senator Stephen Middleton from CHASS has been promoted to full Professor; the Chancellor has invited the Faculty Senate to a pig picking on September 7 following the Senate meeting; pictures will be taken of senators at the September 21 meeting.

Chair Daley noted that there are still vacancies on the Hearing and Grievance panels.

3.   Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 14, April 20, 2004.
The minutes were approved as corrected. 

4. Remarks from Provost Oblinger
Provost Oblinger stated that he wanted to comment on four areas and noted that he is looking forward to coming back to the Senate to dig into some issues that both he and the Senate are facing.  Those four fronts are a little bit about personnel changes, collaboration, and to indicate that the three Provosts from Duke, Carolina, and NC State meet on a regular basis.  He stated that he wants to talk about a couple of things that the three of them have been talking about because he thinks they represent some real opportunities for the universities. 

Provost Oblinger stated that Interim Chancellor Bob Barnhardt sends his greetings.  He had planned to attend the meeting today but had to attend an MCNC Board meeting this afternoon.  It is very important that the Chancellor of NC State be present at that particular meeting so he sends his regrets.

“Interim Chancellor Barnhardt took the helm on the thirteenth of July.  Things are moving forward.  He has asked all of the Executive Officers for their major initiatives for the upcoming year.  They are being discussed systematically in the Executive Officer’s meeting. 

The returning Senators would recall that last year I was talking quite frequently about the dean searches that we had underway so I want to give you a very quick update.   We have had two very successful searches for deans and we still have one search under way.  There was great involvement from the faculty, staff, and students who were part of those nominating committees and each one of these searches has had some people on advisory boards participating, which led to a very good working relationship because the nominating committee sought to identify a broad spectrum of very well qualified candidates. 

In the College of Veterinary Medicine, we have as of August 1, hired Dr. Warwick Arden who is most recently from the University of Illinois.  He comes to us with high quality credentials as a well thought of and respected administrator and scientist in Cardiovascular Physiology. 

In the College of Management we have hired Ira Weiss who will be coming to us on December 1 as the Dean in the College of Management.  He was the sitting dean at Northeastern University in Boston for ten years.  He comes as a seasoned professional with a lot of innovative ideas and we are looking forward to his arrival.  He is coming here on a monthly basis for three to five days each month until his official start date.

We have a search underway in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  Dean Masnari is chairing that search and I know that they are now in the process of following up with telephone calls to references to get to a shorter list. So that search is progressing as we thought it would. 

I hope that you have seen the news that Mr. Charles Leffler was named the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business.  Chair Daley has wasted no time in following up on something that I thought worked very well in the Senate last year and I think the invitation is out to Charlie to be here on September 7 to talk about some of the things that he has on his plate as it relates to finance and business. This signals to administration that you must have valued that interaction with them as well and I would say in your presence that if there are things that you would like to hear about I think it is a good idea to invite the Vice Chancellors to come and talk to you about their areas of responsibility and what is happening on the campus in those areas.

Ms. PJ Teal is our new Secretary to the University and Assistant to the Chancellor.  She will be attending all of the Faculty Senate Meetings. 

Ms. Barbara Carroll will join us on August 31.  She has been named the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.  She comes to us from Georgia State University but has also had experience at the University of Missouri, St Louis, and Vanderbilt.  She comes with a lot of Human Resource experience and I think you will enjoy meeting her and talking about Human Resources.

I have asked Dr. John Ambrose to become our Interim Vice Provost for the Division of Undergraduate Affairs. Dr. Jo Allen became Provost of an institution just to the north of us and is doing very well there.

I have indicated to you that the three Provosts do meet on a monthly basis and I would share with you that we hosted a dinner for Richard Brodhead, the new President of Duke along with Marye Anne Fox and James Moeser and got to know Dick Brodhead as the incoming President of Duke.  We talked about collaborations that our faculty members have developed with one another and we talked about strengthening those connections.  I think he will be very supportive of that and I wanted to share it with you that one of the out growths of that particular meeting was that we invited the Deans of the Arts and Sciences at the three institutions to come together and talk about programmatic emphasis in each of their colleges at Carolina, Duke, and at NC State.  Each of those previously mentioned institutions have a dean for Arts and Sciences but we are organized differently here so we had Dean Soloman, Dean Brady, and Interim Dean Wynne at that luncheon.  We are looking for ways to facilitate interaction and for those of you that have been on the campus long enough to remember when former President Keohane spoke at an open faculty meeting, she talked a lot about the cooperation and collaboration that took place between Duke and NC State.  There is a very thick collection of individual interactions of our faculty with faculty at both of those institutions that will make every single one of you as it did me very proud of those relationships, the Provosts as well as the Chancellors and their President.  We believe our faculty are very interested in leveraging those connections.  I encourage you as much as I can to do that type of thing.

Phase II of the Bond Issue Plan
Over the summer we met a deadline in the Office of the President as it relates to the potential for what our priorities coming from NC State would be for building projects in Phase II of the bond.  Please don’t leave this room thinking that the General Assembly has decided that we are going to hold a referendum and the citizens are going to vote, but in the time line of the authorization of the bond issue in the first place, they authorized the potential for three separate referendums, and so early on it was decided when we

would start planning for Phase II.  When it is going to happen I do not have a clue.  Fortunately I believe the economy in North Carolina is recovering, maybe a little slower than we would like but it is definitely recovering and I think it was very prudent for us to take the snapshot now compared to where we were when we did our initial planning for Phase I many years ago and to very consciously start to prioritize what we would do if there were a Phase II of the bond issue.  Again, it remains to be seen whether that materializes, but I want you to know that we are working very conscientiously on that.  I will tell you that we did not have nearly the interaction that I have just tried to relate to you as it relates to Phase II planning.  I am sure if you are interested your deans can bring you up to speed on that.  It was a very good experience for me as the Provost representing enrollment as a very significant dimension of the planning for space utilization and assignment.  That is critical to our future.

Reappointment Promotion and Tenure
This year’s reappointment, promotion and tenure cycle has begun.  I think it was a relatively smooth process last year.  Some of that credit goes to the deans who had the opportunity for the first time that I can recall of meeting with the administrative promotion and tenure committee in Holladay Hall for 45 minutes to an hour to talk about what was important.  I would also give credit to the Faculty Senate’s Personnel Policy Committee for working with us as we seek to craft the language that describes that process on this campus.  I would tell you that our Senior Vice Provost Katie Perry is working diligently with colleges and departments on their rules.  We hope to have that well in place by the end of this cycle and ready for the next cycle. 

The Faculty Advisory Budget Committee
The Faculty Advisory Budget Committee took root here and we responded to your resolution and I am pleased to report that we have met three times over the summer. Thus far thanks to now former Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business George Worsley we have had sort of a crash course in complex budget of NC State University.  I think that the committee has a very good understanding of how this puzzle or fabric is put together or woven.  We are going to resume the discussions tomorrow in talking about core values and planning for the future and I will attempt to keep you up to date on that.  I would point out to you that there is a website that you can go to off of the Provost website.  We will get the go ahead from the committee tomorrow and it will be linked from both the Senate website and the Provost website. 

Budget Allocations
We have been very busy the last two weeks as it relates to budget allocations.  We have been doing enrollment allocations and those will be done in the next week to two weeks.  We did receive approximately $3.4M to be allocated to the colleges and units based on enrollment.  You know that we also received the campus initiated tuition increase (CITI).  We have distributed salary funds to the deans, department heads and chairs and through the deans exclusively to the colleges in the case of CITI for faculty and non-faculty EPA raises.  Those both came out of this General Assembly Session.  I would like you to scan that and if you have particular questions, whether it is related to enrollment increase or financial aid, I thought that when Andy Willis summarized this for the Executive Officers very recently I thought that I would share it with you as Senators.  It is a very precise summary of the issues associated with the General Assembly deliberations.

 In three years three of you have come forward with your willingness to serve on the Honorary Degree Committee and I am most appreciative for that.  It is very important that we have good faculty representation from a diverse constituency.    I would like to point out to you that anyone can go to the Provost website or the website for Honorary degrees and nominate individuals.  It is not a difficult process.  It is a one page electronic form that launches the process.  I sincerely am seeking your input and I am asking you as faculty to participate in that process.

The Interim Chancellor and I will be resuming faculty breakfasts.  Many of you have attended those and know that they have been very worthwhile for all of us. 

I have been on this campus many years in several different capacities working intensely with students.  It is in that capacity that I would like to ask the following:  In my first year as Provost we had a tuition advisory task force that talked about a variety of things, not the least of which was the role of our faculty on this campus in interacting with students and doing research and doing extension.  The appeal I would make to you is as follows:  The students that you have in class know that you teach and I know that some of you talk about the research interest that you have that fuel your teaching program and continue to move this campus, your programs, our institution forward.  I hope that you will never be so humble that you won’t talk about those interests that you have outside the classroom, because whether it is an extension across this great state or in research, a lot of our students, students in leadership roles, don’t see the big picture of what you all do as faculty members.  I think it behooves all of us to talk about your very active role as it relates to this great institution in higher education in North Carolina.  Thank you for your attention.

Senator McRae commented that along the lines of the suggestion Provost Oblinger made on speaking by research, he noted that he always tries to use the first class to discuss his research as a motivational step to convince the students about why they should be taking that particular course. 

5. Issues of Concern
Senator Brownie is concerned about the university’s response to an accusation of harassment against a faculty member.  He noted that it has raised serious questions about equity, fairness and due process in current University procedures. 

Chair Daley assigned the issue of concern to the Personnel Policy Committee.

Senator Brownie stated that he was denied participation (as an observer) in Part 2 of a graduate student’s final “oral” defense examination by the chair of the said examination. It is his understanding, that as a full graduate faculty member at NCSU, such a response was contrary to NCSU stated policy on such issues.

Chair Daley assigned the issue of concern to the Academic Policy Committee.

Senator Brownie is concerned about the policies on requirements for admissions to graduate programs at NC State.  He requested that a Faculty Senate Committee revisit and review policies on requirements for admissions to Graduate Programs at NCSU, and where necessary suggest appropriate changes, thereby making the graduate programs more inclusive.

Chair Daley assigned the issue of concern to the Academic Policy Committee.

6. New Business
Secretary Weiner presented the following two resolutions to the Senate in the absence of Senator Bruck.

First Reading:  Resolution on Free In-state Tuition Waivers for Employees/Families
Chair Daley assigned the resolution to the Personnel Policy Committee.

First Reading:  Resolution on Faculty/Staff Outreach Programs for Public Schools
Chair Daley assigned the resolution to the Resources and Environment Committee. 

7. Reports
Grievance/Hearing Report
Chair Daley reported that during the 2003-04 academic year NC State experienced five grievances and two hearing panels. 

Of the five grievances, one was withdrawn (to the mutual satisfaction of grievant and respondent) after written statements clarified the problem.   Two grievances are still in progress. 

The two hearing panels are still in progress.

8. Issues of Concern
Secretary Weiner reported that there were sixteen (16) issues of concern brought to the Senate between August 2003 and April 2004.  Ten (10) of these have been addressed by the assigned committee and actions taken have been reported back to the Senate. Six (6) are still in committee and are considered to be outstanding. These will be referred to the new chairs of the committees for any further follow up and action.

9. Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.

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