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February 8, 2005

1. Call to Order
Chair Dennis M. Daley called the eleventh meeting of the fifty-first session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2.   Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed Senators and Guests.

Chair Daley noted that the Emerging Issues Forum is generating excellent publicity for the university and that the quality of the program this year was exceptionally high.

Chair Daley stated that since he has not heard any objections to the regulations on Professors of Distinction REG.05.20.17 he would notify the Office of the Provost to proceed with the implementation.

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 10 January 25, 2005
The motion passed to adopt the minutes as corrected.

4.   Remarks from Senior Vice Provost Perry
Senior Vice Provost Perry stated that the Provost and Chancellor would attend the Board of Governors meeting in Wilmington later this week where the campus initiated tuition increase will be discussed.  This will include all campuses that have proposed CITI. 

5.  Comments from Senator Young
Senator Young commended the excellent service of NCSU Campus bookstore for resolving a problem in his class that was caused by two off-campus bookstores.  He noted that the two off-campus bookstores would not resolve their own problems to help out his students in a timely manner. The NCSU Bookstore did an overnight service to resolve the problem.

6.   Issues of Concern
Senator Middleton stated that according to University Planning and Analysis more than 67% of our students graduate after six years.  He does not feel that this is satisfactory and finds it very troubling. 

Chair Daley assigned the issue of concern to the Academic Policy Committee.

Senator Brownie discussed a letter sent from the Director of Athletics to the Coaches regarding high expectations for student athletes and their classroom performance. A copy is attached.

7.  Reports
Academic Policy Committee
Senator Bruck reported that Dean Sowell from the Graduate School has been invited to the Academic Policy Committee’s next meeting to address the issues of TOEFL, and faculty’s admission to graduate PhD examinations. 

Resources and Environment Committee
Senator Bernhard reported that the Resources and Environment Committee would meet next Tuesday at 3 p.m. in the small conference room to discuss where they plan to go over several issues.  He requested that members of the committee who are representatives to various library research information technology, to report on what is happening in their respective committees.

8. Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 4 p.m.

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