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April 5, 2005

1. Call to Order
Chair Dennis Daley called the fourteenth meeting of the fifty-first session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed senators and guests.

Chair Daley announced that he would like to have the Faculty Senate elections completed before the end of the semester.

Chair Daley announced that the April 19 meeting would adjourn early to allow the selection of nominees for the standing committees.

Chair Daley announced that faculty members are invited to the Chancellor’s Installation on April 20. They are not required to wear robes.

Chair Daley congratulated Senator Miller on being named the SAS Institute Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Technical Communication. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 13, March 22, 2005
The motion passed to adopt the minutes as corrected.

4. Resolution of Commendation
Senator Warren read a resolution that was passed by the Faculty Senate to honor Former Interim Chancellor Robert Barnhardt. 

5. Remarks from Former Interim Chancellor Barnhardt
Upon being recognized for his accomplishments with a resolution from the Senate: “You don’t know how much this truly means to me.  This is my last semester here at NC State and I can’t think of a better way of cycling out than being recognized by faculty for faculty activities.  I like the very first paragraph, which talks about students and the interaction with students because if there is anything that I enjoyed at NC State it has been the interaction with students.  As you all know they are unpredictable and you never know what they are going to say.   I also appreciate the way you summarized forty-four years.  That is not an easy thing to write and I appreciate the time and effort that it took.”

6. Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Chancellor Oblinger’s stated that his wife, Diana, a dean, faculty and students, accompanied him on a road trip to Wilmington.  They visited alumni and attended Chamber of Commerce events. 

They started their program at GE Nuclear.  Fifty of the employees at that facility are graduates from NC State. They had good conversations with a built in alumni group and at the same time with the upper management with GE Nuclear.  They discussed everything from research to curriculum to how we can through the Industrial Extension Service and Corporative Extension Service and other relationships back to this campus help them do what they do in a partnering way. 

Last week Chancellor Oblinger and his wife were hosted in Charlotte at Wachovia.  More than 500 alumni of NC State University work for Wachovia.  They had a wonderful alumni event there in the Wachovia Building in downtown Charlotte and again had the opportunity to talk about the impact of NC State on that area of the state. He noted that two of the eight Vice Presidents of Wachovia are NC State graduates. 

Chancellor Woodard from UNC Charlotte will host Provost Oblinger and his wife Diana the first part of May to have an editorial board with the Charlotte Observer and meet with the Chamber of Commerce and have an alumni affair as well.

The Board of Governors approved the remaining tuition proposals that came from the campuses as well as the fees.  They modified Carolina’s values but NC State’s stayed in tact so there will be tuition increases for out of state undergraduates as well as our graduate student population both in state and out of state.  The fee increases proposed were received.

Chancellor Oblinger reported that we are half way through the Bond build out.

Last Friday the Board of Visitors met on this campus.  The Board of Visitors heard from Blake Brown in Agriculture and Resource Economics as well as Roger Barker from the College of Textiles.  They heard from a couple of our students about their NC State experience and importantly they heard from two Legislators.  Senator Stevens who is on the Appropriations Committee was very candid about the budget situation that the state faces right now, 1.3 billion dollars short of meeting the obligations that they would like to be able to meet.  The universities were in fact, to prepare budget reduction scenarios of one, two, three, and four percent. 

Chancellor Oblinger also commented on the sparkling clean audit the university received from the State Auditor and the university’s rankings among public research universities.

7. Remarks on Campus Pathways
Slade McCalip, Assistant Director for Planning and Transit Operations in the Department of Transportation stated that over the past two years they have been trying to develop improvements that will make parking, traffic, and transit a little better at NC State.  Over that two-year period an advisory team led them.  The two faculty members were Downy Brille and Achva Stein who attended every meeting and provided them with a lot of insight.  During that two-year period they had four open workshops and received input from across campus.  Everyone’s feelings are that more parking is needed on North Campus so that has been included in the plan.  An analysis was done and they feel that they can support an eight hundred-space deck on the Riddick surface lot on North Campus.

8. Elections
Athletics Council
Secretary Suzanne Weiner and Senator Cecil Brownie were elected to serve on the Athletics Council.

Faculty Assembly
Senators Scott McRae and Catherine Warren were elected to the serve on the Faculty Assembly.

Professor Muhammad Noori from the College of Engineering was elected to serve as an alternate.

9. Old Business
Senator Brownie stated that it was brought before the Senate a few years ago whether or not the College of Veterinary Medicine wants to go with the negative or positive side of plus/minus.  

Chair Daley stated that he would try to track it down.

10. Reports
Academic Policy
Senator Bruck, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee reported that in order to be eligible for admission to the graduate school all International applicants must demonstrate proficiency.  He plans to provide the Senate with a report on this material before the semester ends.

Senator Bruck reported that Thomas Conway, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Services presented a PowerPoint presentation to the Academic Policy Committee of the two biggies (enrolling and graduating).  He broke it down in graphs and charts and will be giving a presentation to the Senate on May 3. 

Personnel Policy Committee
Senator McRae reported that the Personnel Policy Committee is working on some modifications to the regulation on the statement of mutual expectations. 

11. Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 5 p.m.


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