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April 19, 2005

1. Call to Order
Chair Dennis Daley called the fifteenth meeting of the fifty-first session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Daley welcomed senators and guests.

Chair Daley stated that hearing no objections to the new academic calendar, he would forward approval of the calendar from the Faculty Senate to the Senior Vice Provost. 

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 14, April  5, 2005
The motion passed unanimously to adopt the minutes.

4. Remarks from Donn Ward, Faculty Athletics Representative
Donn Ward handed out a copy of the 2003-2004 Academic Progress Rate summary for the student athletes.  He reported that of the eleven teams in the conference right now NC State was last with regard to APR.

The biggest issue at NC State is retention.  There are only two teams that lost more points to academic issues than retention issues but by far the biggest issue for us is retention, which means a lot of student athletes transfer elsewhere who are in good academic standing.

The Athletics Director, Provost, and the Chancellor acted in a very decisive manner when this data was published.  The Athletics Director sent his coaches a very strongly worded letter reminding them that academics must come first and that the coaches must be engaged in the academic life of their student athletes. In a meeting that was held approximately ten days ago the Chancellor and the Provost stood before the head coaches and reiterated the same thing. 

Lee Fowler, Athletic Director has instituted a policy that any student athlete now wishing to transfer to another institution has to go through him first.  Ward stated that they are going to be a little more aggressive about seeing why student athletes want to transfer.

5.  Remarks from Interim Provost Nielsen
Provost Nielsen stated that the Chancellor’s Installation will take place tomorrow and noted that it is a grand day in the life of the university. 

The search for the Provost is proceeding on schedule.  The interviews are being scheduled for the week of May 2.  The committee anticipates four candidates with four public interviews.  They are looking at scheduling them one right after another. 

The General Assembly’s Senate and House got their Committees on Appropriation together and created an approach to the education budget.  The reduction for NC State is a little more than $16M.  It is a huge cut that will affect us in many ways.

There are some expansions.  The proposal fully funds enrollment growth.  It covers most of the declines in Federal Pell Grant aid.  It puts more money in for need-based scholarships at the state level and it funds the Biotechnology Training and Education Training Center initiative for $2M and the Friday Institute at $1.0M. 

Provost Nielsen stated that he hopes they will redistribute the cuts so that the education system can continue to perform as we have come to expect.  He will be talking to Senate leaders about the university’s needs and about the need to raise revenue. 

Provost Nielsen attended the Scholar Athlete Banquet where more than 300 athletes were honored.  In the running for the top ten scholars of athletes there was a nine-way tie for first place with all of them having a 4.0 grade point average. 

Yesterday, eight outstanding Faculty were presented the Board of Governors Teaching Award.  Provost Nielsen announced that Senator Mary Alice Tetro was presented the Barbara Solomon Award.

Provost Nielsen and Vice Chancellor Tom Stafford have formed a task force on academic ethics to be chaired by Paul Cousins.  The task force will develop strategies for improving the students behavior as an element of their academic development.

The Board of Trustees will receive a report on the status of the planning for the pavilion on Thursday and Friday.  A public forum has been scheduled on April 26 at 11 a.m. in the Walnut Room of the Talley Student Center to discuss this issue. 

The search for the Dean of Undergraduate Programs is also ongoing.  The committee has its stated date for beginning deliberations on possible candidates. 

6.  Issues of Concern
Senator Warren is concerned that a report on the Pavilion is going to the Board of Trustees without the ability for the Faculty Senate to express an opinion  

Chair Daley stated that it is listed as one of twenty items on progress reports and nothing is scheduled for an official vote.

7. New Business 
Resolution on Lake Raleighwoods
Senator Blank presented the resolution for its first reading.

The motion passed unanimously to wave the rules to debate the resolution.

The motion passed unanimously to adopt the resolution.

8. Reports
Senator Bruck reported that the report on Admission Requirements for International Scholars would be sent back to the committee.

9. Adjournment
Chair Daley adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

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