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November 15, 2005

1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Strömgren Allen called the seventh meeting of the fifty-second session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2.  Welcome and Announcements
Chair Allen welcomed senators and guests.

Chair Allen announced that the Staff Senate is planning a trip to aid the Katrina victims in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Anyone interested in contributing to the effort should contact Melissa Watkins, Chair of the Staff Senate. 

REG 05.20.34 – Specialty Faculty Ranks

A motion passed unanimously to approve the regulation.

REG 05.50.2 – Review of College Deans

A motion passed unanimously to approve the regulation as amended.

Chair Allen asked if anyone would like to serve as liaison on the Information Technology Committee.

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 6, November 1, 2005
The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4.  Remarks from Senior Vice Provost Perry
Senior Vice Provost Katie Perry introduced Nicole Lawrence as the new addition to the Office of Provost.

Senior Vice Provost Perry stated that they have made substantial progress this semester.  They have gone from one person just basically doing web work to either a set of administrators and/or their staff.  The information technology group is going to start supporting the Provost’s website as a whole. The idea is to filter the site out to more people to get a more grip on not just the mechanics. 

Senior Vice Provost Perry stated that they plan to update the bell tower website to reflect an increase in the number of academic reasons to light it to ensure that the academic side is appropriately represented.

There is going to be the opportunity for self-service aspects in the upcoming upgrade to the Human Resources system, one being faculty activity reporting or events reporting. 

5. Remarks from Whil Piavis, President of the Student Body
President Piavis stated that the students are requesting a smaller tuition increase this year.  The Student Senate has decided that a $175 tuition increase would be sufficient whereas the minority on the tuition advisory committee thought that $275 would be sufficient. 

The students are looking at ways to get a four or five year tuition guarantee put into place so that incoming freshmen would know that they are going to pay a set amount until they graduate.

The students are going to be advocating for a student vote on the Board of Governors. 

The student body would like to see a review process for advisors because a number of students feel that their advisors are not helping them as much as they can.   

Other issues that the students are addressing include getting off-campus cards to work in the copy machines, student input into the new student center, and transportation to sporting events. 

Remarks from Melissa Watkins, Chair of the Staff Senate
Melissa Watkins, Chair of the Staff Senate shared issues that the Staff Senate is currently dealing with.

The Staff Senate is constantly dealing with salary and benefit issues.  They plan to discuss these issues with President-Elect Bowles when they meet with him tomorrow.

Most of the staff members cannot afford to cover their families under the State Healthcare Plan.   They visited with one of the state legislators last week concerning this issue.

Another issue that the staff plans to discuss with President-Elect Bowles is parking.  Melissa noted that rather than seeing probably a 2% increase for cost of living next year, we are looking at 9-10% increase for parking permit costs.  

The Office of State Personnel (OSP) doesn’t have a very good system.  There are quite a few specified staff jobs on campus that don’t fit well with that structure.  Melissa stated that any relief that the Staff Senate can get from the President’s office to try to realign the structure from the Office of State Personnel so that they can better align the actual jobs that the staff are doing on this campus would be helpful.

The Staff has an upcoming trip to Ocean Springs, Mississippi to work on firemen’s homes. The homes have already been gutted and are ready for rebuilding.  They will be leaving Tuesday evening, November 29 and plan to stay through Sunday 4 December.  Anyone interested in joining them or would like to help in any way should contact Melissa Watkins.

Melissa stated that this year the Staff Senate would like to help improve and lend with more teamwork with the students and faculty. 

6. Issues of Concern
Secretary Bruck stated several issues of concern about undergraduate education and presented a draft resolution regarding undergraduate education at North Carolina State University.

After a lengthy discussion Chair Allen assigned the issue to the Academic Policy Committee.

Senator Martin, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee stated that John Ambrose would be attending their meeting next Tuesday to discuss what is happening with the GER.  He noted that this is an ongoing topic in the committee and they will take it under advisement and discuss where to go from here.

7.   Adjournment
Chair Allen adjourned the meeting at 4:45 p.m.

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