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May 2, 2006

1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Strömgren Allen called the sixteenth meeting of the fifty-second session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements from the Chair
Chair Allen welcomed senators and guests.

Chair Allen recognized the retiring senators.

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 15, April 18, 2006
The motion passed unanimously to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Chancellor Oblinger
Chancellor Oblinger recognized Dr. Dwight Williams, Chief Engineer of Nuclear Physicists with the US Department of Defense as the first African American to be named the National Young Engineer of the Year by the National Society of Professional Engineering. 

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Provost Nielsen would be chairing the search committee for the new Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Trip to the Western Part of the State
Chancellor Oblinger and President Bowles visited AB Tech, a community college located in the western part of the state with high enrollment.  They met with four other community colleges and discussed the way NC State cooperates with them as it relates to students and articulation agreements, and also some research that they do and coordinate with Cooperative Extension Services. 

They visited the mountain horticulture crops research and extension center at Fletcher where Congressman Taylor came in from Washington to meet with them. 

Chancellor Oblinger and President Bowles’ final visit was to a very successful Fraser fir Christmas tree farm in West Jefferson. 

Chancellor Oblinger noted that President Bowles continues to talk in public meetings about how much he is learning about the impact of NC State across the state. 

Chancellor Oblinger reported the recommendations he accepted on tailgating regulations.

Chancellor Oblinger thanked Julie Rice Mallette, her staff, and Provost Nielsen for their hard work in developing and devising the Pack Promise. 

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Engineering Building II is the second building that has gone up as a result of the 2000 bond issue.  The building will be home to electrical and computer engineering and computer science. 

Progress Energy made the largest gift that they have ever made in their history to NC State University, a $1.2M gift that establishes two endowed professorships, an unrestricted account for the deans use in the College of Engineering, and it names the bridge that connects the two segments of that building with computer science and electrical and computer engineering.

The university received a $10M gift to name the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering for Edward P. Fitts who is an alumnus.  Chancellor Oblinger noted that Fitts is in the highest giving level category that the university has because he has consistently shared his investments with his alma mater and is very proud of it. 

Chancellor Oblinger visited with the North Carolina Math and Science network, which is a program, geared toward preparing underserved middle and high school students for careers in science, technology engineering and math.  About five hundred of those students were on campus to experience the egg toss, and lots of other scientifically based experiments.

The portrait of the twelfth Chancellor of NC State University, Marye Anne Fox, is hanging in the hall of Holladay Hall.  All twelve Chancellors are now represented there. 

As of Friday afternoon, $922M had been contributed toward the one billion dollar campaign.

Chancellor Oblinger is hosting a retirement reception Thursday evening at the residence; Forty-one individuals with a total of 1155 years of service to this university and an average of 27.7 years are expected to attend.  One person, Ernie Burniston has forty-one years of service with the university.  

5.  Remarks from James Zuiches, Vice Chancellor for Extension, Engagement & Economic Development
Dr. James Zuiches, Vice Chancellor for Extension, Engagement & Economic Development commented on the concepts of extension and engagement.

6.  Issues of Concern
Senator Martin received an issue of concern from graduate students and the Director of Graduate Studies in his department pertaining to the switch from biweekly pay to monthly pay for the graduate students.

Senator Smith attended the meeting on this issue.  He stated that approximately 100 graduate students were in attendance.  He noted that the graduate students were respectful, disciplined, well prepared and had great questions.  All of the students presented their questions in a respectable and dignified manner in spite of the fact that they were not getting many answers.  He presented a resolution on graduate student payroll change to the Senate for its first reading.

Resolution on Graduate Student Payroll Change
The motion was made and seconded to suspend the rules to vote on the resolution.  The motion passed unanimously.

Secretary Bruck read the resolution for its second reading. 

The resolution was voted on and passed unanimously.

Senator Brownie stated that at a recent meeting it was anticipated that 4% of faculty in the institution would be retiring within the next couple of years.  He stated, “If we are going to treat our so-called substitutes like that, do we at NC State have any concern about replacing that many faculty members who will retire in such a short period of time?”

Secretary Bruck thinks the issue should be tabled and handed to a committee to investigate as an issue of concern at the next meeting of the Senate.

Chair Allen agreed.

7. Annual Reports
Academic Policy Committee
The Academic Policy Committee addressed the following items during the 2005-06 academic year.

Course Action Procedures; Academic Progress Report; Membership in the Graduate Faculty; Scholarships and Financial Aid, Grading and Credit-only Course Regulations; GER Revision; Disciplinary Home for Teacher Training; Fiscal Fitness; Summer School; and Late Grades.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee addressed a regulation on the Review of Deans, REG05.50.2 and a regulation to evaluate the performance of the Undergraduate and Graduate Deans and Provosts, REG 05.50.

Other endeavors completed by the committee included the review of senate representatives allowed from each college, as well as a general review of the General Faculty Handbook and Bylaws.

Personnel Policy Committee
Items addressed by the Personnel Policy Committee during the 2005-06 academic year included

Resources and Environment CommitteeThe Resources and Environment Committee addressed the development of Centennial Campus in General and the status of the Lake Raleigh Woods; Graduate Student Support Plan; NCSU's Policy on Meningitis and the Activities of the Student Health Center; The Presence of Lead-Based Paint (LBP) in University Buildings and the activities of NCSU Environmental Health and Safety (EHS); Rocky Branch Renovation

8. Adjournment
Secretary Bruck moved to adjourn the 52nd session of the Faculty Senate.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

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