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1.  Call to Order
Chair Nina Stromgren Allen called the seventh meeting of the fifty-third session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2.  Welcome and Announcements
Chair Allen welcomed Senators and guests.

Chair Allen reminded faculty members of the Budget Forum scheduled on November 30, 2006 with Provost Nielsen and Vice Chancellor Charles Leffler.

The Executive Committee will meet with Jim Phillips, Chair of the UNC Board of Governors on November 28th.

3. Approval of the Minutes Meeting No. 6, November 7, 2006
The minutes were approved unanimously. 

4. Provost Nielsen’s Remarks

The Faculty Survey
The Faculty Survey had a 70% response rate.  The entire summary will be on the web. University Planning and Analyses is planning to do additional studies on the data within the next six months. 

Provost Nielsen reported that all of the slots in the childcare program have been taken.

Provost Nielsen requested that everyone pay more attention to securing the buildings on campus.  An estimated $800,000 worth of equipment is stolen from labs and offices annually.

Service Learning
The university is moving forward to expand and institutionalize service learning.  They are also moving forward with the creation of a center for excellence in service learning which will allow the expansion of NC States offerings to place it among the National Leaders

603-604 Committee
President Bowles has created a committee to review the appeal processes for faculty during a 603 or 604 proceeding.  The committee is looking at how to make the procedure fairer to the participants involved. 

National Association of State Universities & Land Grant Colleges
NC State was well represented at the meeting of the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges.  The biggest item that came out of the meeting overall was an enlarged emphasis on accountability. 

Emerging Issues
The Emerging Issues Forum is scheduled February 1-2 and it will focus on higher education and what it means to North Carolina. 

5. Remarks from Dr. Louis Martin-Vega, Dean of Engineering
Dean Martin-Vega was Dean of Engineering at the University of South Florida for five years prior to coming to NC State.  He stated that it was a wonderful experience but from the perspective of engineering the opportunity to lead what is certainly one of the premiere colleges of engineering in the country and the world is something that was hard to turn down. 

The College of Engineering has more than 47,000 extremely, loyal alumni.   The loyalty, allegiance, and the pride that people feel being graduates of this university is extremely strong.  Dean Martin-Vega stated that he has an obligation or responsibility for seeing what they can do to help promote in terms of the very wonderful things that are happening and he thinks the alumni are ready to come in and help. 

Dean Martin-Vega attended a meeting on Centennial Campus with a group that is trying to look at how the university can gauge the value of developing aerospace related industries in the state of North Carolina.  He feels that there is a leading role for the college and the university because we have outstanding programs in aerospace.

Dean Martin Vega stated that he is very proud to be the dean of the College of Engineering and to be a part of this wonderful university. 

6. President’s Advisory Committee on Efficiency & Effectiveness (PACE)
Charles Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business gave an overview of what is happening with PACE.

President Bowles appointed a statewide group of individuals with a variety of outside individuals to review General Administration and what could be done at the central office level, what needed to be looked at on the system level across all campuses, and then what each campus needed to be looking at. 

Business officers from across this campus at NC State looked at how they spent the money in their areas and tried to allocate it not based on the traditional accounting methodologies but into these enabling and core functioning activities, which resulted in a system expenditure profile, and for the entire university system forty nine percent of expenditures occur in the core function areas.  NC State has 53% of its core function areas.  The core function component across the system ranged widely from a low of 21% in core functions to a high of 56%, which was UNC Chapel Hill.  NC State was the next highest allocation to core function.  The three items referred to as core functions were instruction, research, and public service.

7. Old Business
Senator Williams reported that the Resources and Environment Committee is still reviewing the document on Centers and Institutes and will report back to the Senate at a later date.

8. Reports

Personnel Policy Committee

Diversity Training
Senator Robarge, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee reported that Beverly Jones, a representative from Vice Provost Joanne Woodard’s office addressed the Personnel Policy Committee regarding several Programs that OEO has in existence and primarily to ask for suggestions on how to get more faculty involvement.  He reminded the Senators that these programs might be an answer to a report received from minority students at the close of last academic year. 

Three Programs were brought to the committee’s attention with all of them having continuing education associated with them and requirements to earn those credits.

Senator Robarge had a discussion with Ms Williams about time demands on faculty time and noted that it wasn’t a question of non-interest but a question of priority issues.  He suggested that Ms. Williams address the Senate during the spring semester. 

Senator Robarge reported that the committee also looked at beginning to think of these excellent training opportunities as capstone courses in some of our undergraduate programs rather than having undergraduates take these programs separately. 

Regulation 01.25.01 – Centers and Institutes
Senator Robarge moved that the Faculty Senate approve Regulation 01.25.01 with the modifications that have been suggested to Matt Ronning.

The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Academic Policy Committee
Senator Neal Blair, Chair of the Academic Policy Committee stated that at the beginning of the semester there was concern about a faculty member using myspace.com to serve as the central host for a course.  After some discussions the faculty member was convinced that it might not be the best host to use.

Tom Miller and Donna Petherbridge from DELTA have volunteered to come to the Faculty Senate meeting to discuss this issue. 

Senator Blair and Senator Hudson are organizing a faculty forum to discuss what was going to be version two of the new GER recommendations.  The tentative plan is to have a campus-wide forum on January 17 from 3-5 at Stewart Theater.  John Ambrose and the task force would be there to present their thinking about the next version of their recommendations and then there would be an update, question and answer comment period. 

Please contact Dr. Neal Blair with any comments that you might have.

9. Adjournment
A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. 

Chair Allen adjourned the meeting at 5 p.m.

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