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1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the fourth meeting of the fifty-fourth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome & Announcements
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and Guests.

The next millennium seminar will be October 16 at 6 p.m. in the Stewart Theatre; October 23—The Women’s Center is sponsoring the twentieth annual “Take Back the Night”: The Listening Forum for UNC Tomorrow will be Wednesday, October 10 at 4 p.m. in the McKimmon Center.  Chair Martin encouraged participation.

Chair Martin asked for faculty volunteers to serve on Monday, October 22 from 11a.m. – 1p.m. for the “Wear Red Get Fed Program.”

Remarks by Chair Martin
Chair Martin gave remarks on UNC Tomorrow-How should the University system best interface with/meet the needs of the State? And how do we meet the challenges of doing that?

3. Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 3, September 24, 2007
The motion passed to approve the minutes as amended.

4. Remarks by Chancellor Oblinger
Chancellor Oblinger gave remarks on the Scholars Council of the UNC Tomorrow Initiative. 

Chancellor Oblinger stated that he read the unabridged form of Virginia Tech’s report and noted that the two or three executive summaries from different sources of this report do not substitute for reading this report in its entirety.  The report can be found on the Governor of Virginia’s website.

Chancellor Oblinger handed out a preview of draft recommendations from the UNC Campus Safety Task Force and noted that the university has been very well represented by David Rainer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Public Safety.  He plans to consult with the Faculty Senate for guidance and reflection. 

Chancellor Oblinger announced that Bob MeGehee, CEO of Progress Energy passed away.  Progress Energy for decades has been a tremendous partner for NC State University with significant funding and significant support.  Chancellor Oblinger stated that MeGehee will be sorely missed and the campus community’s thoughts go out to the family and to the company.

Chancellor Oblinger showed a DVD of the prelude that opens all of the UNC Tomorrow listening sessions. He stated that the things that have been mentioned about NC State’s role have been very important in the previous ten sessions.

5. UNC Tomorrow - Ruben Carbonelle
Dr. Carbonelle stated that the goals of the UNC Tomorrow Commission are to produce a more proactively responsive university focused on meeting the challenges of the state over the next twenty years.  The Commission is going to be asking three basic questions.  What challenge is facing our state that North Carolinians want UNC to respond to?  How can UNC best respond to these challenges? How can UNC sustain the focus on the response over the long run?

Dr. Carbonelle discussed some of the issues and the responses that they’ve received from folks at the listening forums.

6. Revisions to Summer School Administration –Dr. Louis Hunt         
Dr. Louis Hunt stated that Joanne Woodard chaired a committee last December that the Provost charged with the reorganization of summer sessions and non-degree credit programs.  It started last spring and concluded with a report that was presented to the Provost last June. 

The Provost accepted many of the recommendations. 

7. Report on the Faculty Assembly
Past Chair Allen reported that the Faculty Assembly looked at a revision to the code (603-604).  There was a resolution put forth at the Faculty Assembly, a rewriting, which was unanimously approved.  The President, Brenda Killingsworth, and the secretary did the rewriting and they will be sending it to the faculty for comments.

8.  Resolution in Support of the Dale Sayers Memorial CPR Training Challenge
Dale Sayers collapsed in Carmichael Gymnasium two years ago of a heart attack and later passed away.  The family recognized the need to have more CPR training on campus so they are putting together a Dale Sayers Memorial Challenge and would like an endorsement by the Senate for this challenge.

Chair Martin read the proposed resolution that was suggested by the Executive Committee.

A motion was made and seconded to adopt the resolution as amended.  The motion passed unanimously.

9. Issues of Concern
Secretary Kellner is concerned about an article that he read in the Technician that indicated the date that students can drop a course has been changed from the sixth week to the eighth week.  He noted that in the same issue there is an editorial congratulating Dean Conway for the change. 

Chair Martin stated that the Academic Policy Committee discussed this issue two years ago and there was a desire to make the undergraduate and graduate drop dates the same.  His recollection was that the Academic Policy Committee endorsed the idea that there would be a common drop date.

A motion passed to extend the meeting by five minutes.

Dean Conway stated that the deadline was moved because the vote was supposed to change it for this semester.  The policy still has to be rewritten and formally changed.

Senator Anson raised a concern about the use of state property regulations with respect to the use of the Internet in private verses university business. 

Chair Martin assigned the issue of concern to the Resources and Environment Committee.

10. Old Business
A motion passed to extend the meeting five minutes.

General Education Requirement
Chair Martin stated that he hopes the faculty will come to a resolution so that the Senate will be able to act on this issue in the next meeting. 

General Faculty Bylaws
Chair Martin reported that the Senate is working with Nancy Whelchel to set up a click it vote.  There has been some discussion regarding the nature of the bylaws and the amendments particularly with respect to the voting faculty.  He stated that there will probably be yet another revision to the bylaws at the spring faculty meeting. 

11. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 5:25 p.m.


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