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February 26, 2008


1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the twelfth meeting of the fifty-fourth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and Guests.

A motion was made and seconded to modify the agenda.  The motion passed unanimously.

In preparation for today’s meeting I have had some discussions about interdisciplinary education.  As I processed a lot of the information, two points stand out. First it is a realization that if you are going to have any strong interdisciplinary anything you must start from the premise that you have strong disciplinary anything to be entered.  You cannot have interdisciplinary if you do not have disciplines to be entered and as we think about any of our interdisciplinary material whether it’s for curricula or whether it is for programs.  Remember, we must start from strong disciplines.

Chair Martin stated that he realizes that virtually by definition a university is an interdisciplinary institution. 

If a university is by definition interdisciplinary and really that has to do with how we work together, particularly when we think of curriculum I have to recognize that GEP also by definition is interdisciplinary.  It is getting us out of our major and into other areas. 

There is a continuum here where interdisciplinary may be going to another discipline to learn from that disciplinary level of expertise, but there is also some value probably in having some curriculum that is actually taught from multiple perspectives so that it is not just a discipline person who is giving you my take on the discipline so we do probably need a continuum throughout our GEP.  Some are going to be hosted by disciplinary entities and some are going to stretch so that we actually have talk across those kinds of perspectives.  I think we need both.

Chair Martin announced that the firm deadline for nominations for Chair Elect of the Faculty is Friday.  The vote to narrow down the list will be March 25.   Nominations for all other elections are due on April 1 and those elections will take place after the elections for the Chair Elect. 

The General Faculty meeting will be at 2:30 p.m. on March 20 in the Talley Student Center Ballroom. 

The North Carolina Conference of the American Association for University Professors is holding its annual meeting on Friday, April 4 at 7 p.m. in the UNC Fedex Global Education Center.  

3.   Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 11, February 12, 2008
The motion passed to approve the minutes 

4.  Remarks from Provost Nielsen
Provost Nielsen reported that they have organized into a strategic team to work on NC State’s response to the UNC Tomorrow Report and the other associated things that have been added to the UNC Tomorrow Commission’s recommendation.  A faculty team and a partner’s team along with him and members of the strategy team will be meeting with faculty constituent groups to get their input.

Provost Nielsen stated that UNC Tomorrow has questions and NC State has answers and one of their jobs is to fit those two things together so that the answers make sense in terms of whatever questions they can put them in.

5. Consideration of Regulations
Proposed new Regulation “NC State University Merit Scholarships Exceeding Cost of Attendance for Undergraduate Students
Chair Martin stated that Section 3.3 of the regulation reads, “Recipients of full scholarships may not receive other institutional merit scholarships.”  He learned that the recipients of full institutional scholarships couldn’t receive additional institutional scholarships, but that you can have a full scholarship from a foundation and you still may get merit scholarship from NC State.

Chair Martin stated that the other change noted was that we might not talk about merit scholarships because merit scholarship is trademarked out of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation so we can only talk about “scholarships based on merits”. 

A motion was made and seconded to approve the regulation as amended.  The motion passed unanimously to approve the regulation.

Proposed Revision to REG 112.00.1:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA or Buckley Amendment)

Senator Overton, Chair of the Personnel Policy Committee stated that the committee met and some questions came up that she needed to consult with David Drooz on.  There was one concern whether to remove the language about letters of recommendation.  One point dealing with some existing language about the information which students have to actively do a procedure to block, as opposed to, it is blocked and then released, is still being reviewed by David Drooz. 

A motion was made and seconded to table the regulation.  The motion passed.

6. Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Programs
Interdisciplinary Perspectives for the GEP
Dr. Jon Rust, Chair of the Council on Undergraduate Education, stated that when we talk about implementation of the GEP, we are talking about approving the rationale and objectives for that category, populating that category with lists of courses and having means in place for ongoing review for continued listing of those courses. 

After hearing from the five interdisciplinary experts at NC State they plan to invite the greater university and have a roundtable to discuss specific questions the faculty might have, to give people an opportunity to voice their concerns or suggestions. 

CUE will then take those ideas back and discuss what they have learned from those participates.  We are going to propose rationale and objectives for this category. The proposed date of the symposium is March 19. (Later changed)

Interdisciplinary and Interdepartmental Academic Programs-task force report
Dr. Duane Larick reported on the work and perspective of the task force while they were going through the preparation of the report.

7.  Issues of Concern
Resolution to Close Course Evaluations on the Last Day of Classes
Senator Hudson reported that she met with David Shew, Chair of the Evaluation of Teaching Committee, Karen Helm, and Senator Paul Williams to talk about some of the concerns around teaching evaluations.  Karen Helm received some requests for evaluations to be left open until and after the week of finals.  They didn’t think it was a good idea, so they drafted a resolution. 

Chair Martin presented the resolution for its first reading.

A motion was made and seconded to suspend the rules to vote on the resolution after first reading.

A motion was made and seconded to adopt the resolution

The motion passed unanimously.

8. General Faculty Bylaw Revisions
The Governance Committee proposed three revisions to the General Faculty Bylaws. 

A motion was made and seconded to submit the changes to the General Faculty. 

There was some discussion on the revisions. 

A motion was made and seconded to extend the meeting by five minutes. 

The motion passed to forward the document to the General Faculty

9.  Adjournment
Chair Martin adjourned the meeting at 5 p.m.

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