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1.  Call to Order
Chair James D. Martin called the fifteenth meeting of the fifty-fifth session of the North Carolina State University Faculty Senate to order at 3:00 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Martin welcomed Senators and guests.

Senator Levy recognized the loss of Dr. Monte Mccaw, a faculty member from the College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Chair Martin announced that the ACE (American Council on Education) Fellows Program is a leadership program for anyone that is interested in leadership development in higher education.  There were two meetings scheduled with one this morning and there is another meeting on Thursday, April 9 from 2-3 p.m. in Page Hall.  Anyone interested should contact Betsy Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for additional information.

Chair Martin called for all committee chairs and liaisons to University Standing Committees to submit final annual reports so they can go formally into the minutes.

Chair Martin announced that most of the Senate candidates have been submitted.

The Senate candidates are in good shape compared to the Grievance with (28 vacant positions with 8 candidates) and Hearings (14 vacant positions with 3 candidates). 

The electronic elections will begin on April 13th.

Executive Committee Summary

The committee had significant discussion over the Board of Trustees Appeal Policy that is invoked only when you have a case where the Chancellor overturns the ruling of the Grievance Committee that was favorable to the grievant.  It was noted in the meeting that the policy was changed on September 18 at the Board of Trustees meeting with no review from the Faculty Senate or any other body.

The Chair of the Faculty requested that the chair of the subcommittee of the Board of Trustees withhold passing those policy revisions until the Senate could review them.  The revisions passed, but a letter was sent that said the Senate could respond after review.   

The Personnel Policy Committee reviewed the policy and recommended several changes.  After extensive discussion with the Personnel Policy Committee and the Executive Committee, the policy is now back in the hands of Legal to consider some further revisions. 

Chair Martin stated that there was significant discussion over the summer salary policy. 

The committee also had a fair amount of discussion about the teaching evaluation guidelines. 

3.  Approval of the Minutes, Meeting No. 14, March 24, 2009
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

4. Remarks from Provost Nielsen
Provost Nielsen announced the results of the Student Body Elections.

Provost Nielsen announced that the Annual Scholar Athlete Banquet was held last night and there were 330 athletes recognized that had achieved greater than a 3.0 GPA. 

Provost Nielsen announced that UNC GA has a project that we are involved with called large course redesign.  The university was granted $172,000 from General Administration to work on some ideas, both in terms of how we teach courses and to do some room renovations.

Provost Nielsen reported that UNC NDC, a program where we send through the General Administration students from all campuses to DC for a semester internship, is being eliminated because of the budget reductions. 

Provost Nielson reported that work on a possible Korean Campus and creating programs continues and the promised money from the nation of Korea has finally arrived.

Provost Nielsen announced that the summer reading for incoming freshmen is a book called “Three Cups of Tea.”  It’s about and partially written by a gentleman named Greg Mortenson who was a mountain climber in Pakistan and Afghanistan. “It is an inspiring story and I believe we will have him here for the convocation with the new students at the beginning of the year.” 

Provost Nielsen reported that the Senate’s budget was released yesterday afternoon and this is the next stage in the budget process.  The governor’s budget came out a few weeks ago.  The Senate released theirs yesterday and now it’s in the hands of the House and they will be working on theirs. 

Financial aid and enrollment growth are fully funded in this budget as they were in the governor’s budget. 

Unlike the governor’s budget, which had no “expansion items,” this budget does have some things and those that affect us in significant ways are the endowment professorship program funded for new professorships; $2.0M more recurring funding for the Kannapolis Research Campus; $5.0M of recurring money for the College of Engineering.

Provost Nielsen stated that we have asked for several years and have gotten a little bit of money for our research competitiveness fund that would support research campuses.

There are two million dollars for graduate student enhancement to pay for graduate student support plan and we have done very well in capturing that.

5. Guidelines/Principles for the Use of Teaching Evaluations
Senator Hemenway reported that the committee has gone back and forth on this issue.

There is concern not just with faculty but also on the EOTC by instructors that they are being evaluated based on the fact that they get a 3.9 one year and a 3.8 the next year and they are told that they are not doing their job because they went down to a 3.8 when that probably is not even a significant difference, so a lot of people are concerned about this.

There were significant discussions on the issues, so Chair Martin is going to put the document on the WIKI site for everyone to get involved.

REG 05.20.35 Summer Sessions Comp/REG 05.20.14 Additional Comp
There was much discussion on the policies.

The motion passed unanimously to accept the recommended revisions to the policy.

Tenure Dossier Policy 
Chair Martin stated that this fall when the new guidelines for putting the dossiers together went out to all department heads, he reviewed the policy for policy revisions and saw that the policy revision had in fact, taken place and was enforced.  He had a discussion with the Provost where he requested that these kinds of revisions be removed until such time that this body could review them. 

There was significant discussion and recommendations made to the policy.

The motion passed unanimously to accept the recommendations to the policy.

6. Adjournment
Chair Martin adjourned the meeting at 5 p.m.

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