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January 12, 2010

Present:  Chair Overton, Past Chair Martin, Secretary Hergeth, Parliamentarian Weiner, Provost Arden; Senators   Anson, Argyropoulos, Auerbach, Bernhard, Carver, Croom, Edmisten, Fahmy, Franke, Genereux, Hatcher, Havner, Headen, Kidd, Kiwanuka-Tondo, Krim, Levy, Miller-Cochran, Murty, Paur, Poling, Roberts, St. Amant, Sawyers

Excused:  Senator Akroyd, Carver, Fleisher, Williams

Absent:  Senators Khater, Kocurek, Kotek, Townsend

Guests:  James Woodward, Chancellor; Lee Fowler, Athletic Director; Betsy Brown, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Marc Okner, Director, Human Resources-Employee Relations; P. J. Teal, Secretary of the University and Assistant to the Chancellor; Marcia Gumpertz, Asst Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Diversity; Pat Cellini, Assistant Dean, UAP; John Ambrose, Interim Dean, UAP

1. Call to Order
Chair Overton called the eighth meeting of the 56th session to order at 3 p.m.

2. Welcome and Announcements
Chair Overton welcomed Senators and Guests.

Lawrence Davenport, Chair of the Board of Trustees will give comments at the next Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 in the Hood Board Room of the Park Alumni Center on Centennial Campus. We will meet in our typical format from 3-4 p.m., and afterwards there will be a reception with members of the Board of Trustees and the campus administration.

Chair Overton welcomed Dr. Robert St. Amant from the College of Engineering who will replace Senator Honeycutt.

The senators are invited to the women’s basketball game on January 25th.  There are plans for invitations to two men’s basketball games on February 10th and March 7th against Virginia Tech and Boston College. 

The Provost has provided funds for the Executive Committee members to attend the Emerging Issues Forum.  The tradition has been if members of the committee are not interested in attending we offer the complimentary registrations to the senators.

3. Comments from Chancellor Woodward
Chancellor Woodward commented that he thinks Chancellor Elect Woodson is a wonderful appointment for this university.  He has spent most of his career at Purdue where he excelled in every position he held.  He was moved into these administrative positions fairly quickly once he started into administration, and the interim appointments were made because people there saw him as an unusually capable member of the faculty and then administrator. 

Chancellor Woodward stated that when Chancellor-Elect Woodson was asked to come to NC State, there was a major effort at Purdue to keep him, and even the Governor got involved.  In many ways he is the face of that institution in the community and the principal point of contact with the Indiana Legislature. Chancellor Woodward thinks we are bringing someone to this campus who has the right experience, a successful faculty member, who has over years picked up increasing administrative responsibilities on campus, preparing him for his duties when he comes here.

Chancellor-Elect Woodson’s job as Provost and Executive Vice President is different from the Provost’s job at NC State because the organizational structure is different. A number of the Vice Presidents on that campus report directly to him, e.g. the equivalent of our Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies, Vice Chancellor for Outreach. In the private sector he would be referred to as a Chief Operating Officer.  In his current position he is the Chief Academic Officer for the entire system, not just the main campus.  The entire system enrolls over 70,000 students.

Governor Perdue called to welcome Chancellor-Elect Woodson and his family.  His wife and three children will be very much a part of this university. 

Chancellor Woodward stated that his commitment to NC State was to stay here until we had successfully completed a thorough search, but in talking with the President they felt that the best time for the Chancellor-Elect to come to a campus is probably around the first of April to watch a legislative session during the short session.  It is important that the Chancellor-Elect begin to understand the politics of North Carolina and begin to meet with the leadership here.  The best way to get a sense of an organization as complicated as ours is to go through a budget development process.  It is there that you begin to hear people talk about what their priorities are, so this will give him a really good feel for this campus. 

Also, moving early will give him a little slow down during the summer so that he can get off campus and meet the necessary people and then get ready for an active and full year in the fall.  His goal is to come April 1, and Purdue University is moving very quickly to find a replacement within the institution.  We are likely to have him here in office on April 1, and between now and then he will make a number of visits to the NC State campus.  

Question:  Will there be an overlap with you being here and him coming?

Chancellor Woodward stated that he would obviously spend a great deal of time with the Chancellor-Elect between now and April 1 either on the telephone or otherwise.  He will be available to him as needed.  

Chancellor Woodward stated that he is devoted to this institution and want to be as supportive as he can during the transition.  He will not physically be on campus but will be available any way, shape or form.

Where do you think Chancellor Elect-Woodson want to take us?

Chancellor Woodward stated that the Chancellor-Elect was attracted by the following:  This is a very good university that is not yet fully made.  We are not yet the university that we need to be or can be.  He believes we are in good shape in our ability to hire good faculty.  We have decent processes in place for recognizing good faculty. However, some of the processes for evaluating staff and administrations within the campus are not as demanding as they should be. I think we have to continue to look at the demands at which we evaluate.  There is a wonderful sense of family and that is both good and bad.  It is good in that you have friends as well as colleagues that you work with; it is bad because it is difficult to do demanding evaluations of friends and family, and we have some of that.  We also have to ask ourselves if we are properly organized as a university to pursue the opportunities in front of us.  We do have some anomalies, e.g., having the Arts in the Division of Student Affairs rather than in an academic unit, and it is that type of issue that needs to be evaluated under a broader umbrella. 

The Chancellor and Chancellor-Elect also talked about the role of this body.  He thinks it is critical that a good university have a strong and engaged Faculty Senate. We will individually debate what that means on a particular issue, but we will not debate what that means in general.   I think we are making progress in that direction, but we are probably not there yet, so this has to continue to develop. 

He does not think we do enough to present our accomplishments and capabilities outside the State of North Carolina.  It is nice to see institutional rankings, but he is not pleased when seeing that we do not meet the maximum permitted out-of-state freshmen students.  The limit by the Board of Governor is 18% and we are somewhere around 12 or 13 percent.  Chapel Hill could be 40% if they wanted to.  He feels that the demand by out-of-state students to come to this institution should be greater than it is now, and he thinks it is because maybe we do not present ourselves and maybe in some instances we do not recruit as we should. 

What does it take to be recognized as one of the top universities in the country?  You have to hire and keep good people.  You have to have the resources for them to do their job.  You have to have a reputation that you are an outstanding institution.  I think the reputation of this institution over the last ten years has begun to catch up with the reality of the university.  He thinks Marye Anne Fox did a lot for NC State in presenting the capability of this institution nationally, but we are there yet.

Chancellor Woodward stated that he knows Chancellor-Elect Woodson’s aspiration, and his aspiration is that this institution be and be seen as one of the truly outstanding public universities in the country and the world.  He believes Woodson chose to come here because he sees that as a doable thing. He was not in the market looking for jobs this year; this was the only job that he was attracted to.  He and his wife just bought a new house last year.  Chancellor Woodward thinks that Chancellor-Elect Woodson’s vision for this institution is the same as the Senate’s vision.

State Funding
Chancellor Woodward reported that NC State put together a budget this year that assumed a 10% cut in state funding and the funding distributed to us held back an additional five percent.  We held an extra 5% because we were afraid the revenue projections were overly optimistic.  We are currently in good shape, and it looks that unless the economy turns upside down there will be no further budget cuts.  It also looks like there will be some extra funding from the additionally withheld moneys that we can use for one time purposes.  How much and when we will begin to use it is not yet clear.  The bottom line is that he does not think we will have to start this year worrying if the budget is going to be cut again in the next month or two.  However, he feels next year will be another tight year, but we will go into it not having to further cut the budget of the campus. 

Talley Student Center
Chancellor Woodward stated that the Talley project is important to this campus.  If we are going to attract the undergraduates we want we must give them a gathering place that properly presents the image of NC State.  The Board of Governors discussed fees last week, and our fee was a part of those discussions.  The President will make his recommendations next month, and the Board will act, and he thinks they will be approved.  

Chancellor’s House
Chancellor Woodward stated that he and Ms. Woodward were in the Charlotte House for more than sixteen years, and they hosted over 600 events.  The house was designed to house about 130 people in a stand-up reception. 

Chancellor Woodward stated that the Chancellor’s House is a really important resource for a university. One of the goals is to take the original design and get it reduced in size and get it redone to reflect what it was really about.  That design is well underway.  They meet with the Steering Committee Saturday for the final review of the design of the house, and the design will be presented at the next Board of Trustees meeting.  They plan to move very quickly on at least some initial work on the house. 

Chancellor Woodward stated that his goal is to break ground on the house before he leaves.  He recommends that the new Chancellor invite the campus community, particularly the faculty, to come into the house to get a sense of how it will benefit them and their programs. 

Chancellor Woodward stated that the project is moving very well.  Sufficient private money has been raised to build the house.  It’s a $3M house, and it’s roughly the same size as the one he built in Charlotte, but it is uniquely designed for this campus.

Hillsborough Street Post Office
Chancellor Woodward responded to concerns about the closing of the Hillsborough Street Post Office.  The City Council passed a resolution with the leadership of Thomas Crowder, and the resolution has gone to the appropriate people in the Post Service asking that the Hillsborough Street office not be closed.  He also plans to write a letter requesting that the Post Office remains open.

Administrative Procedures
Chancellor Woodward stated that it is important that this campus not take the pressure off the review and modification of the administrative procedures within the campus.  We are looking at a couple of the procedures, and his goal is to get the review done and the changes made so that we have a couple of references in place that then can be used as we go down the list and continue to review procedures.  Early on we talked about a report being made periodically to the Faculty Senate about what was done. He certainly would urge us to continue pushing this issue independently of any legislature action so that we end up with procedures that they make sense to us.

What is the time table for hiring a new Provost?
Chancellor-Elect Woodson said in a response that he wanted to start the search on the Provost position as quickly as possible.  Chancellor Woodward’s assumption is that he will pursue putting together a search committee shortly after he arrives.  It will be a broad search. 

4. Approval of the Minutes, December 1, 2009
A motion passed to approve the minutes.

5. Faculty Senate Spring 2010 Elections  (Senators, Grievance Panel, Discharge Hearing Panel)
A report was handed out that contained the number of open slots for each college.  There was a discussion on involving the deans to persuade faculty to get involved in faculty governance.

Chair Overton stated that there are quite a few individuals we need to recruit.  There has been a discussion in the Executive Committee to communicate to the community what we do to try to get some energy around the value of a vital Faculty Senate, so that people are encouraged.  Our goal could simply be this year to have at least one more person than is needed on every ballot.

Chair Overton stated that she talked with Vice Chancellor Marc Hoit, Chief Information Officer, about our technical ability in the Faculty Senate.  There was also a meeting with Joe Hice, Chief Communications Officer, to talk about the style and functions of communications.

Chair Overton stated that she is trying to put together a single page of highlights from last year to let people see what the Faculty Senate does. 

Senator Genereux stated that he hopes this is something that will be done on an annual basis.  If anyone would like to offer additional information they can send it to the Chair of the Faculty.

Chair Overton stated that we are currently planning to use what we have in place as far as technology is concerned.  She has reviewed other websites and she has observed that what really catches the eye.  We can and need to get into the habit of doing those things.

Senator Bernhard stated that the best way to get faculty to run for the elections is to communicate with the deans of the colleges.  He noted that it really does work and has worked repeatedly in the College of Engineering over many years.

Chair Overton stated that they were asked to make comments at the Administrative Council meeting, and the one thing that she put out there was that the Faculty Senate needs help and encouragement in running the elections this spring, and there were quite a few nods from the deans.  She plans to copy the election information to the deans of the colleges when she sends it to the Senators.

Provost Arden stated that he is inclined to meet with the deans to advocate the importance of faculty participation. 

Chair Overton stated that the elections are the responsibility of all the senators from the entire college to self organize to do this.

Past Chair Martin stated that it behooves all of us to make sure that we are doing good things but we also need an administration to work with who also wants to do good things.

Senators Sawyers and Headen stated that it works in the College of Management by just having the dean involved.

Senator Genereux suggested communicating back to the constituencies in different ways.

Chair Overton stated that the Faculty Senate also has to be critically examining our own structure, the idea of our four standing committees.  Should we be structured with these topics, they have different work loads, different things go through the committees, are we handling that in an efficient way?  A person who agreed to be on the Senate and is also elected to the Executive Committee and chairs a committee, that means you have three standing meetings every two weeks and that is a lot of work, so we need to look at it and see if it is all useful and efficient work. 

Chair Overton said she would like to improve on connecting with the standing committees.  A lot of work at the university is done in these standing committees, and the Faculty Senate is involved through a liaison. However, we do not typically report back to the Senate, and in some cases there may be some very important work going on out there. Those discussions are being held and we are thinking about various ways, possibly bylaw changes,  but probably not, probably more functional organizational things. 

Expectations for the Next Faculty Senate Meeting
Chair Overton announced that the formal meeting will be from 3 – 4 p.m. and a reception will follow from 4 – 5p.m.

The chair of the BOT has agreed to make comments. 

What do the Board of Trustees actually do? 
Chair Overton responded that they have to vote on all of the policies that come through the university; a very logical progression of topics that come to us, go to the Board of Trustees then go to their subcommittees.

Chair Overton said, she has been interested to learn about the BOT members’ depth of experience with NC State as she got to know them over time.  Many of them have a lot of history here in areas that she knew very little about.  

How do they view their role in dealing with the various constituencies?  Do they actually take into account the concerns of faculty and staff?

Chair Overton stated that the chair of the faculty reports twice a year to the Board of Trustees so she has presence through that report, but we do not have an active role with respect to membership.  Many of the BOT members comment that they want to understand faculty and understand faculty concerns, so it is not an adversarial relationship at the moment .

P. J. Teal, Secretary of the University, invited the faculty to attend the next meeting of the Board of Trustees which is scheduled on February 19th.

Past Chair Martin noted that the committee meetings are also public meetings.  

The schedule and agenda of the Board of Trustee meetings are posted on the website at http://www.ncsu.edu/about-nc-state/university-administration/board-of-trustees/meeting-schedule/index.php .

Senator Poling stated that inviting the deans here to speak would be a very nice thing to do.  The deans in his college were intrigued to hear the progress that the Senate makes.

Senator Genereux reported that the Board of Governors approved President Bowles’ request regarding retreat rights for senior administrative positions.  The issue was discussed in the Faculty Senate a while ago.

Vice Provost Betsy Brown mentioned that the Board of Governors also adopted a speech code in their last meeting.  

Senator Havner stated that the report only applied to Chancellors.

6. Issues of Concern
Senator Kiwanuka-Tondo stated a concern about the performance of NC State’s athletic teams.

Chair Overton stated that we could plan a meeting to talk about this and to talk about the relationship between athletics and the other good things that NC State does.  She said Chancellor-Elect Woodson mentioned this when he spoke at the Board of Governors on Friday.

7. Adjournment
A motion passed to adjourn the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

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