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Faculty Involvement in Policy and Regulation Review

Shared governance is the foundation of the successful University, and

Effective communication between the Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students is the cornerstone of successful shared governance, and

The guidelines for the development and adoption of Policies, Rules, and Regulations (PRR’s) at North Carolina State University are clearly stated in REG01.25.05, which makes no reference to Faculty Senate review, and

The Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students all believe that continued open and honest communication is both desirable and necessary for the existence of successfully shared governance,

Therefore be it Resolved,
That the Administration of North Carolina State University, in the spirit of shared governance, continue the general policy of including the Faculty Senate in the Policy, Rules and Regulations (PRR) review process,

and further be it Resolved,
That PRR’s under development and or review be shared with the Chair of the Faculty, to the extent possible,

and further be it Resolved,
That the Chair of the Faculty will bring only those PRR’s that are legitimate issues of concern to the full Senate for further discussion,

And further be it Resolved,
That when the rare situation arises that the general policy of involving the Senate in the review of PRR’s is not possible, the Administration will inform the Senate of any changes as soon as possible with explanation as to why the Senate review was forgone.

Resolution R5: 08/09
First Reading: April 21, 2009
Second Reading: April 21, 2009
Adopted: April 21, 2009 by unanimous vote

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