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PRRs Recently Enacted/Approved

The following is a list of PRRs that have been vetted through the approval process and provided as notification at the March 11, 2013 University Council (UC) Meeting. To view a comprehensive listing of all PRR revisions visit the "What's New" page on the PRR Web site.

PRR Title Sponsor Action Approved
SPA Recruitment and Selection (REG 05.55.04) Leffler Revised EOM Information 3/5/2013
Selection (REG 05.55.05) Leffler Repealed EOM Information 3/5/2013
Appointment, Reappointment, Promotion & Permanent Tenure for DASA (POL 05.20.01) Provost Revised

EOM Review 2/5/2013 BOT Review 2/22/2013

Firearms (REG06.05.01) Leffler Revised

EOM Review 2/5/2013

Approval of Noncredit Course Offerings to Award Continuing Education Units (CEUs) (REG 06.10.01) Provost Revised EOM Information 2/5/2013
Standard Operating Procedures for Crisis Communications (REG 04.00.01) Bohlander Revised

EOM Review 1/8/2013

Review of Vice Chancellor and Dean of Academic Programs and Student Affairs, Dean of Graduate School, and Vice Provosts (REG 05.50.05) Provost Revised EOM Information 1/8/2013
Consultation and Written Assessments, Recommendations and Responses in RPT Review (REG 05.20.05) Provost Revised EOM Information 1/8/2013
Course Syllabus (REG 02.20.07) Provost Revised EOM Information 1/8/2013
Non-Tenure Track Faculty Ranks and Appointments for DASA (REG 05.20.34) Provost Revised EOM Discussion 1/8/2013
Professors of Distinction (REG 05.20.17) Provost Revised EOM Review 1/8/2013
Eligibility for Continued Receipt of Financial Aid (REG 02.70.02) Provost Revised EOM Review 1/8/2013
Postdoctoral Scholars (REG 10.10.08) Lomax Revised EOM Review 1/8/2013