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Policies and Regulations

  1. Policies, Regulations, and Rules (PRR) Web Site

  2. UNC Policy Manual
  3. The UNC Policy Manual has been compiled by the Legal Division of the UNC Office of the President from Board of Governors policies and Administrative Memoranda that implement those policies. The UNC Policy Manual is the basic instrument of governance for The University of North Carolina system, including NC State University, as authorized by the state legislature.

  4. Administrative Memoranda of the University of North Carolina
  5. Please contact the Office of General Counsel by telephone or email if you have a question about the Administrative Memoranda.

  6. Memos to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads

    Drug Free Schools and Workplace Act
    Reporting Misuse of State Property
    Political Activity and Office Holding
  7. Sources of Authority - Outline