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Workshop summaries:

Basic Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) Training - Overview of the Graduate Student Support Plan. Review how students qualify for the GSSP, where the tuition and insurance are paid from, how long students are eligible, along with other details of the plan. Click here to access the GSSP website.

Developing Graduate Program Outcomes and Outcomes Assessment Plans - These workshops are designed to help Directors of Graduate Programs or other designated graduate faculty members work with their colleagues to develop graduate outcomes assessment plans. The September workshop will focus on developing objectives and outcomes for a graduate program. The October workshop will focus on developing assessment measures for each outcome and creating an assessment schedule. Each workshop will be repeated twice to accommodate MW and TTH schedules. Led by Dr. Michael Carter, who conducted a very successful pilot program on graduate program assessment in the spring of 2004, these workshops will give participants hands-on experience in developing assessment plans and in entering these plans into web-based templates.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Workshop - These workshops focus on giving students information about deadlines, formatting, converting to PDF and submitting their electronic thesis and dissertations. Because it covers the entire process of an ETD, administrators and faculty may find this workshop very informative. Click here for the ETD homepage.

NextGen Graduate Appointments - New hire and VPAF training focusing on changes specific to graduate appointments. Contact Siarra Dickey with questions.

Implementing Program Assessment Plans: Collecting, Evaluating, and Reporting Assessment Data - This workshop is designed to help DGPs to the next step in the program assessment process, from creating an assessment plan to putting that plan into action. We will address issues of gathering and managing data, using those data to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your programs, making changes in your program based on the assessment, and writing biennial reports.

Introduction to GSOARS - This introduction to the Graduate Student Online Advising and Reporting System is designed for DGPs and Graduate Service Assistants who are new to GSOARS or would like a refresher. The workshop will begin with a quick tour of the student pages to see how students enter information and create a CV. Then we will explore the features of the DGP and GSA pages, including how to access student information and customize GSOARS for students and faculty in the program. Contact Michael Carter for more information.

NextGen Admissions Admin Training - This class will focus on helping graduate administrators with their set-up page for faculty admission application evaluation. We will also go over basics on how to assign applications to faculty for review and how to search/filter applications. Visit for access to training manuals and further details on the NextGen project. Contact Lindsay Gentile with questions.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Training - This class is intended for new DGP's and Graduate Services Coordinators, but may also serve as a refresher class. It covers Advisor Assignment, Registration Advising Service Indicators, Graduation Applications, Graduate Plan of Work/Advisory Committee administration, and more. Contact Lindsay Gentile or Lian Lynch for more details.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Admissions/Enrollment Query Training - This Admissions and Enrollment Query Training will show you how to view lists of applicants with their most recent GRE scores, applicants with their schools, students registered as of census date, students enrolled with provisional admits, all courses including DE for which a student has been enrolled, students active for a given term, and active students by career, program and term. Contact Lindsay Gentile or Lian Lynch for more details.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Graduate Faculty Query Training - This Graduate Faculty Query Training will show you how to see a list of active members of the Graduate Faculty by Plan or by Program, a list of all committee memberships, for a specific program, a list of programs assigned to a member of the Graduate Faculty, and a list of all active members of the Graduate Faculty. Contact Melissa Nosbisch for more details.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Graduate Plan of Work Query Training - Everything you wanted to know about managing Plan of Work with an emphasis on queries. Contact Lindsay Gentile for more details.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Query Training - This training course is designed to teach users how to run SIS queries. We will also show you the existing SIS queries and demonstrate how they can help you be more efficient. Contact Joe Perez for more details.

SIS DGP & Graduate Services Coordinator/Administrator Plan of Work Template Training - This training course is designed as an introduction to plan of work templates. We will provide you with the necessary tools to create templates for your plans (MS, MR, thesis, non-thesis, PhD, etc.). A training manual will be provided, along with examples of how templates assist students and administrators during the plan of work creation and approval processes. Contact Lindsay Gentile for more details.

Summer Graduate Administrators Workshop/Retreat - This workshop/retreat is designed to help NC State Graduate Program Directors, Administrators and Graduate Services Coordinators in preparing for the upcoming academic year. It is also extremely helpful for department heads, associate deans and others with a direct interest in the practical aspects of graduate education administration. We intend to see that this is a very worthwhile, educational and entertaining event. We sincerely hope that you will plan to spend this time with us.
Please contact Lian Lynch if you have any questions.

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