Graduate School Priority Deadlines

Important Note: Applications and all supporting documents must be received on or before the Graduate School Priority Deadlines or the Program Deadlines, whichever is earlier. In the case of programs for which deadlines for international applicants are not explicitly distinguished from those of US applicants, the Graduate School deadline for international applicants takes precedence when it is the earlier one. The Graduate School Priority Deadlines are shown below.

Graduate School Priority Deadlines
  Fall Spring Summer 1 Summer 2
US Citizens: Jun 25 Nov 25 Mar 25 May 10
Internationals: Mar 1 Jul 15 Dec 15 Dec 15

Please be aware of specific program and Graduate School priority deadlines that may affect your choice of the term in which you plan to begin. All submitted applications will be processed, but those received after a published priority deadline are considered for admission only on a "space-available" or special exception basis. All application fees are totally non-refundable. Before submitting your application, you should determine if you are within the appropriate deadline for the term in which you plan to begin your studies. Note that your application is considered as officially "received" only upon receipt of your application fee. This date will be later than the actual date you submit payment if you pay by check, rather than credit card.

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