Arrival Survival

NC State Registration and Records must keep up-to-date records on student addresses. The easiest method of changing your address is through the MyPack Portal link using your UNITY ID (see Unity Accounts).

There are several banks within walking distance of campus, as well as various ATMs around campus and on Hillsborough Street. The State Employees Credit Union now offers banking services for graduate students. However, membership is only provided to graduate students who are on the University payroll.

Bank of America 321 Oberlin Road
BB&T 1806 Hillsborough Street
611 Oberlin Road
First Citizens Bank 2005 Clark Avenue
Mechanics and Farmers Bank 13 E. Hargett Street
State Employees Credit Union 2802 Hillsborough Street
560 Centennial Parkway
Wells Fargo 2600 Hillsborough Street
2001 Clark Avenue
601 Oberlin Road
4530 Western Boulevard








Driver's License and Plates
To operate an automobile in North Carolina, the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles requires a valid driver's license, liability insurance, and auto registration (license plate). Wake County residents pay personal property tax on their vehicles and must list their vehicles with the county each year. New and temporary state residents need to follow the guidelines on the N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles > Moving web site.

E-Mail and Computer Accounts
GoogleApps@NCState is the official email system for NC State students. All official university communications are sent to these accounts. Also, all registered NC State students automatically receive Unity accounts, which provides students with access to MyPack Portal, as well as campus-wide academic computer resources. Explore the Office of Informational Technology website for more information about available IT services.

Health Insurance
NC State strongly encourages students to have accident and illness insurance protection, either through their parents' group policy or under the NC State Student Insurance Plan. This plan is available to all students and helps cover the cost of referrals to off-campus specialists or to hospitals for serious illnesses. Students who will be on assistantship or fellowship appointments should see the Graduate Student Support Plan website for benefit information.

International students. Health and medical insurance are requirements of every nonimmigrant student’s academic program in the US. All students in F-1 or J-1 status must purchase and maintain the NC State Student Insurance Plan. This plan will offset costs of serious illness or accidents that cannot be treated at the Student Health Service. J-1 students are also required to purchase health insurance for any dependents (spouse and children). For coverage details, claims and exclusion information, or an application, please consult the Hill, Chesson & Woody website or call them at (919) 645-0240. You may also request printed information from Office of International Services. If you would like to see NC State University's Policy Statement on Required Accident and Sickness Insurance for International Students please click HERE.

There are several options for graduate student housing at NC State. On campus, graduate students can be accommodated in Watauga Hall, E.S. King Village, Wolf Ridge, Wolf Village, or Western Manor Apartments. The majority of graduate students, however, find apartments off-campus. Below are some helpful links to begin your search. The University Housing Office maintains on-site books of apartment and roommate information. Also, check with your graduate program office for lists of current and new students who might need a roommate or who can suggest other apartments in the area.

ID Card
Students are required to have a Wolfpack One Card. The ID card not only serves as a student identification card, but it allows on-campus purchases through the AllCampus debit account, gives access to meal plans, the gym, book check out at the libraries, and much more. Beginning June 2012, the Wolfpack One Card office is located in the Talley Student Center.

Immunization Records
North Carolina Public Health Law requires proof of immunizations to protect students while at NC State. Students need to submit both their Health History and Immunization forms within 30 days of acceptance. Both forms are online and can be submitted through HealthWeb with a valid Unity ID.

New Resident Information
Several sources provide general information for new residents to Raleigh and the Triangle area. Information about driver's licenses, voter registration, utilities, and much more is located on the City of Raleigh web site.

Parking Permit
All vehicles parking on the NC State campus must be registered with Transportation. Valid permits are required for vehicles parked on campus between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Permits are sold based on space availability and eligibility, however, graduate students are given preference on the waiting list. Eligible students may request parking permits or the renewal of a parking permit during the fall and spring semesters on the dates/times designated for permit registration.

Register for Classes
After the graduate student meets with his/her Director of Graduate Programs, their advising hold will be released, and the student then can register for classes through the online MyPack Portal using their valid Unity ID. Online registration is controlled by specific enrollment appointment dates, however. Students cannot register before their enrollment appointment is scheduled.

Residency Requirements
Under North Carolina law, legal residence means more than simply living in the state. More specifically, it means maintaining a permanent home of indefinite duration as opposed to a temporary residence incident to enrollment in a university, college or technical institute of the state. If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, and you wish to be considered for in-state residency for tuition purposes, you must complete several residentiary acts before you can begin the one-year (12-month) waiting period prior to applying for North Carolina residency. For full details, click HERE.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fees are payable by the due date on your bill. The Cashier's Office provides you with several options to make your tuition payments -- check, online, or by credit card.

Veterans Affairs
NC State and the Graduate School welcomes our veterans. Veterans interested in graduate education should visit the Veterans Affairs web site for information on their benefits, enrollment, and how to transition into academic life.