Online Resources

About Dissertations & Theses
"Demystifying the Dissertation" series from Inside Higher Ed
"Essentials of Thesis (Dissertation) Writing" from the University of Ottawa (PDF)
Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation: A brief but comprehensive online book by Joseph Levine, Michigan State University (also available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Arabic)
"Writing Conference, Thesis, and Dissertation Proposals" from the Penn State Graduate Writing Center (PDF)
Dissertation Completion Blog: Many good tips for graduate students about the dissertation stages
Handouts from the UNC Writing Center specifically for dissertation writers
"10 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing a Thesis" by Janice Hewitt, Rice U
Theses and Dissertations in Engineering and the Sciences from Penn State University
The Thesis Whisperer blog (Note: The editor is based in Australia, where they use the term thesis for the major doctoral project. This site has resources for both doctoral and master's students.)
CGU Dissertating blog has lots of great advice stemming from Claremont Graduate University's annual dissertation bootcamps

Thesis & Dissertation E-books available through N.C. State Libraries
Student's Guide to Writing Dissertations and Thesis in Tourism Studies and Related Disciplines by Tim Coles, David Timothy Duval, and Gareth Shaw
Developing Quality Dissertations in the Sciences by Barbara E. Lovitts
Developing Quality Dissertations in the Social Sciences by Barbara E. Lovitts
Developing Quality Dissertations in the Humanities by Barbara E. Lovitts

General Academic Writing Advice
Resources for STEM Graduate Writers from Hangyang University Online Writing Lab
"How can we write more efficiently?": Strong writing advice from science/medical writer Tim Albert
"Some Hints on Mathematical Style" by David Goss (PDF)
"Mathematics is method: Exploring the macro-organizational structure of research articles in mathematics" by Heather Graves, Shahin Moghaddasi, and Azirah Hashim
"Let G= (V,E) be a graph": Turning the abstract into the tangible in introductions in mathematics research articles by Heather Graves, Shahin Moghaddasi, and Azirah Hashim
"A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review" by Justus Randolph (PDF)
"Literature work in a journal article - the introduction" by Pat Thomson

Writing for Publication
"Getting Published as a Graduate Student in the Sciences" by Richard Reis
Science's collection of articles on scientific publishing and getting published
"The Key to Publishing Journal Articles - Submit, Submit, Submit" by Tanya Golash-Baza
"How to Respond to a Revise and Resubmit from an Academic Journal" by Tanya Golash-Baza

Accountability Tools
Thesis & Dissertation Progress Tracking Spreadsheet designed by Thesis & Dissertation Support Services (Coming soon!) A site that helps you do just that -- get to 750 words in a writing session, with a fun game-based accountability function.
PhinisheD: Online group forum for dissertation writers
Dissertation Completion Calculator from the University of Minnesota
"Ten Ways You Can Write Every Day" by Tanya Golash-Baza

Time Management
My Tomatoes: Online kitchen timer for tracking time on tasks, based on the Pomodoro Time Management techniques

Citation Style
Citation Style Guides from NCSU Libraries will help you identify the right citation style guide to use for your thesis or dissertation
Bedford/St.Martin's Online Research and Documentation Handbook: full citation guides for CSE, APA, MLA, and Chicago styles (and for free!)

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism
"How to Avoid Plagiarism": A great introductory resource from the University of Maryland-University College