Graduate Course Actions

CIM Course Implementation
Beginning with the Spring 2015 term, all course proposals including new courses & course edits will be processed using the new CourseLeaf Curriculum Inventory Management system referred to as CIM [pronounced 'Kim'].

For a powerpoint overview of CourseLeaf Course Inventory Management please [click here].

Beginning February 1st, 2015 all course actions including minor edits such as a pre-requisite change to proposing a new course must be completed using the new electronic course form. After logging into CIM , search for your course to make the needed edits or click on the new course proposal button for a new course form. After completion, submit into the approval workflow. Please have your syllabus ready. In order to submit a new course or to enter course revisions, all course data must be entered into the CIM course form. Even for a minor edit you will first have to complete all course fields outlined in red on the form. We will work with departments and colleges on this transition and please contact us at for assistance and questions.

Accessing CIM
Preferred web browsers: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended.
To Propose a New Course or to Edit a Course -
To Approve a Course in the workflow -

CIM Training
The NCSU CIM Team is available to provide training sessions upon request. Please contact us at

CIM User Guides
Propose a New Course
Edit a Course
ApproverRole Help
Workflow Overview

Approval Routing - Electronic Course Action and Workflow
The new automated system will allow you to enter your course change information online, attach documents, and track your electronic submission as it makes its way through the approval process via an electronic workflow. A workflow has been established for each Department (acad org) and for each College to mirror the current manual approval process. (Example: A department head would review the submitted action by logging in to CIM to review and to approve to move forward to the next step with the unity ID serving as the electronic signature.)

To make changes to the workflow or to add or remove people assigned as an approver, please send an email to

Questions and Help
Send email to